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Analytics Shop offers a wide range of various KERN microscopes, that differ in their operation, design and components. By us you can get all of KERN professional quality microscopes for education, laboratory, quality control, biology, mineralogy, metallurgy. All of the high quality compound microscopes you will need for your lab can be found by Analytics Shop. Includes compound, digital and inverted microscopes in singe, binocular and trinocular variations. Use our range of metallurgical microscopes to study a wide variety of opaque objects with great level of detail. Transmitted and reflected light metallurgical microscopes are both available. Polarising microscopes are made for use in studying geological specimens and are also widely used in medical and biological research. Ideal for use in workshops, professional labs and educational environments. A range of high quality stereomicroscopes available including stereo, stereo zoom, coaxial and gem microscopes for every environment. A wide range of oculars, lenses and color filters, a simple polarization unit and other phase contrast units are available as accessories.

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  1. IDL GmbH

    Microscope slides 26x76mm, edges cut, matte rim 50 pcs.

    SKU: ID1900000040
    In Stock
  2. IDL GmbH

    Staining box, Hellendahl type Staining box, Hellendahl type

    SKU: ID1900315000
    In Stock
  3. IDL GmbH

    Staining box, Schiefferdecker type

    SKU: ID1900316000
    In Stock
  4. IDL GmbH

    Staining trough, Coplin type Staining trough, Coplin type

    SKU: ID1900319000
    In Stock
  5. Menzel Thermo Scientific

    Objektträger 76x24mm, 50St/Pk

    SKU: ID103510004
    In Stock
  6. IDL GmbH

    Microscope slides 26x76mm, edges cut 50 pcs.

    SKU: ID1900000010
    In Stock
  7. IDL GmbH

    Cover glasses/pure white glass 18x18mm 100 pcs.

    SKU: ID1900018180
    In Stock
  8. IDL GmbH

    Cover glasses/pure white glass 22x22mm 100 pcs.

    SKU: ID1900022220
    In Stock
  9. IDL GmbH

    Cover glasses/pure white glass 22x32mm 100 pcs.

    SKU: ID1900022320
    In Stock
  10. IDL GmbH

    Cover glasses/pure white glass 24x50mm 100 pcs.

    SKU: ID1900024500
    In Stock
  11. Waters

    Microscopic Slide Holder

    SKU: WT700003896
  12. Vitlab


    SKU: VI99099
  13. Vitlab


    SKU: VI80276
  14. Duran Group

    Microscope slides, ground edges 45°, 26, 1500 pcs.

    SKU: DU235501309
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Kern OBD Compound Microscope with integrated camera and infinity optical system

Made for use in laboratories, KERN OBD microscope is precise, reliable and extremely useful. The digital all-round talent for your applications, documentation and live transmissions through an integrated 3MP camera for quick and easy capturing of an image (it can also interface with a PC for image transfer –software is included).

KERN OBD microscopes also come with a 360° rotating head, an abbe condenser with high numerical aperture for concentrating and focusing light for the best image, an infinity-corrected optical system and a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

  • 360° rotating microscope head
  • Integrated 3MP digital camera
  • High quality images – Koehler illumination, adjustable field diaphragm and a pre-centered and height-adjustable Abbe condenser with adjustable aperture diaphragm
  • Wide-field eyepieces for comfortable use
  • Infinity corrected E-plan objectives – 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x
  • Nosepiece for four objectives plus large stage included as standard
  • Powered by standard mains connection (230V)
  • Optional polarisation kit, phase contrast unit and darkfield unit available


Kern OCO Professional Line Compound Inverted Microscope

A professional microscope for laboratories, KERN OCO Microscope produces high quality images and is excellent for testing a wide variety of sample types.

KERN OCO microscopes are equipped with a binocular viewfinder with wide field eyepieces for a large field of view. The inverted style of the microscope makes it ideal for use while at the bench, allowing you to look through the viewfinder without having to stand.

This microscope also has a nosepiece with space for up to 5 objectives at the same time, a camera mount, diopter adjustment and is supplied with infinity plan achromatic objectives as standard (10x, 20x, and 40x).  The microscope has an Abbe condenser with aperture diaphragm, long working distance of 72mm and fine, 0.001mm scale focus for exceptional image clarity.

  • Versions with fixed or mechanical stage
  • Easy to use, inverted style microscope - easy access to binocular viewfinder
  • Made for use in professional laboratories
  • Wide-field eyepieces with large field of view
  • Dipoter adjustment
  • Infinity correct plan achromatic objective lenses included - 10x, 20x and 40x
  • Nosepiece can hold up to five objectives simultaneously
  • Camera mount
  • 0.5x C mount adapter and phase contrast set included as standard
  • Abbe condenser with aperture diaphragm
  • Fine 0.001mm scale focus
  • Optional accessories - eyepieces, objectives, stages and more