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Packaging Tester

Here you will find the original packaging tester from Dinkelberg Analytics. The packaging testers for leak testing are used particularly frequently in the pharmaceutical and food industry and are characterized by their high-quality PMMA test chamber. The packaging testers considerably simplify inspection work and handling and are suitable for the reproducible tightness testing of closures and seals of various packages. The digital packaging center is an extended basic model with easy handling, suitable for both standard examinations and the examination of sensitive packs as well as for research and development tasks. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

More information on Dinkelberg package testers can be found here.

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Leak Tester

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  1. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Vacuum Package Tester digital, model 2015, diam. 190mm

    SKU: DIDVTT200/310
    In Stock
  2. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Vacuum Package Tester, digital, internal 500x400x300

    In Stock
  3. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Waterworks plant for Vacuum Package Tester

    In Stock
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  4. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Package Tester, small

    SKU: DIVT-200/210
    In Stock
  5. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Package Tester VT-200/310, large

    SKU: DIVT-200/310
  6. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Spare test chamber lower part D: 190: 310mm

    In Stock
  7. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Spare part seal for packaging tester

    SKU: DIAE1017
    In Stock
  8. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Packaging tester large (300/310) (analog)

    SKU: DIVT-300/310
  9. Dinkelberg Analytics

    DIDVTT lid for packaging tester 200/310

    SKU: DIDVTT-Deckel
  10. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Spare test chamber lower part VT200/210

  11. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Replacement cover for packaging tester DIVT 200/310

  12. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Seal for packaging tester 200/310, 185x6mm

    SKU: DIE9300306
  13. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Seal 300/310, 285 x 6

    SKU: DIE9300307
  14. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Silicone gasket Ø 6/3 x 1730mm

    SKU: DI01182
  15. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Rubber seal made of sponge rubber Ø 10 x 1820mm

    SKU: DIE926
  16. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Lid for DVT200 / 310 with seal

    SKU: DIDVT200/310
  17. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Packaging tester DVTT-300/310 digitally large, inside diameter 290mm

    SKU: DIDVTT300/310
  18. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Seal ring DVT 3-pack

    SKU: DIEVT-012
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Digital Controlled Package Tester

Digital Package Tester by Dinkelberg Analytics reduce the operating time by an extremely easy handling and a compact system. They feature standard test chambers, vacuum pumps and timer. 

Dinkelberg Analytics offers different models: standard package tester, digital controlled tester packaging and packaging Tester Digital controlled
Special models:

  • Packe Standard Tester (Model DIDVTT-200/310):This simple model has an external membrane pump, a diving rod with diving plate, an analog pressure gauge (0 to - 1200 mbar) and a fine adjustment valve.
  • Digital Controlled Packe Tester (Model DIDVTT-300/310): The digital controlled package tester is an expanded model of the standard version. Besides to standard examinations the digital controlled package tester is also appropriate for testing sensitive packages, as for research and development tasks.
  • Digital Packe Tester Special Model (model DIDVTT-Q): This model, there is a large model of the digital packe tester. The device possesses a square test chamber, test chambers with hinged covers and additional ventilation valve, a diving grid of stainless wire clothes and a separate control unit in a PP case with increased vacuum pump.


DIDVTT-200 / 310 DIDVTT-300 / 310 DIDVTT-Q DIVT-200/310 DIVT-200/210
Total Dimensions  440 x 230 x 450 mm 515 x 350 x 450 mm e. g. 540 x 440 x 375 mm Diam. 210 x height 470 mm Diam. 210 x height 370 mm
Device Type:  Standard Special Size According to Customer's Specifications Standard Standard
Inner Dimensions Test Chamber: Diameter x Height:
190 x 310 mm
Diameter x Height:
290 x 310 mm
Length x Width x Height:
e. g. 500 x 400 x 300 mm
Diam. 190 x height 310 mm Diam. 190 x height 210 mm
Max. Height to use  310 mm 310 mm e. g. 250 mm 300 mm 200 mm
Total Range: 0 to -750 mbar rel. 0 to -500 mbar rel. 0 to -500 mbar rel. 0 to -1200 mbar (rel.) 0 to -1200 mbar (rel.)
Net Weight: 9,7 kg 13 kg 23 kg 3 kg 2,6 kg
Power Requirement: 230V~/50 Hz 230V~/50 Hz

230V~/50 Hz


For further information and special specifications, don't hesitate to contact us!

Vacuum Leakage tester

Dinkelberg package tester enable effective quality control and reproducible starting conditions for each test. Vacuum control by vacuum sensor and electronic controller, including timer function for digital preset of test time between 1 and 9999 sec. Automatical start of test after reaching the predefined vacuum followed by automatical ventilation at the end of the test period. Safety features: Electronic control of maximum vacuum, additional mechanical pressure limiter.

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