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Our magnetic stirrers are mechanically, physically and chemically highly resilent. We offer magnetic stirrers by high quality manufacturers. A magnetic stirrer serves to stir liquid in order to adjust concentration differences in media. The liquid in the beaker or Erlenmeyer Flask is put onto the top plate, under which there is a magnet rotating with adjustable speed. This magnet effects on a second magnet, the magnetic stirring bar, inside the vessel. The magnetic stirring bar is mostly sheathed inside synthetic or glass in order to be chemically inert. The reaction of these two magnets leads to moving the liquid. The top plate of a magnetic stirrer mostly has a heating function as well.The magnetic stirrers are perfectly suitable for smooth to intense mixing and heating of low-viscosity fluids. The hot plate stirrer is your first choice for decomposing organic and inorganic substances. Aspects such as safety, convenience and cost savings have been considerably taken into account during the development of the stirrers. This is reflected in various unique product advantages of our lab hot plates.


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Magnetic Stirrers

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  1. IDL GmbH

    Magnetic stirrer MS-12B without heater

    SKU: ID1000331150
    In Stock
  2. IDL GmbH

    Magnetic stirrer Magnetic stirrer

    Regular Price: €272.50

    Special Price €245.25

    SKU: ID5100010030
    In Stock
  3. IDL GmbH

    Magnetic stirrer MEA 30 Magnetic stirrer MEA 30

    SKU: ID5100120100
    In Stock
  4. IDL GmbH

    Magnetic stirrer ME 1 Magnetic stirrer ME 1

    SKU: ID5100140100
    In Stock
  5. IDL GmbH

    Magnetic stirrer MSH-A

    SKU: ID1000010040
    In Stock
  6. IDL GmbH

    Magnetic stirrer MSH-D

    SKU: ID1000010050
    In Stock
  7. IDL GmbH

    Magnetic Stirrer with Square Heating Plate, Type 2005 LED

    SKU: ID1000020050
    In Stock
  8. WTW

    IS 12 Stirrer for 12 measuring units

    SKU: WW208141
  9. IKA

    Temp. sensor, stn. steel, H 62.51

    SKU: IK0002735451
  10. IKA

    Extension cable, H 70

    SKU: IK0002735600
  11. IKA

    Support rod, H 16 V

    SKU: IK0001545100
  12. IKA

    Holding rod, H 38

    SKU: IK0003547700
  13. Duran Group

    Stirrer impeller type, diam. 62 mm, magnetic

    SKU: DU1200382
  14. IKA

    Magnetic stirrer with heating, RCT basic

    SKU: IK0003810000
  15. IKA

    Magnetic stirrer with heating, RET basic

    SKU: IK0003622000
  16. IKA

    Magnetic stirrer with heating, RH basic 2

    SKU: IK0003339000
  17. Duran Group

    Stirrer anchor type, diam. 62 mm, magnetic

    SKU: DU1200383
  18. IDL GmbH

    Magnetrührer mit Glaskeramikplatte und LED-Anzeige

    SKU: ID1000331200
  19. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Reacti-Therm™ Magnetic Stirrers for Reacti-Vial™ Small Reaction Vials

    Regular Price: €132.43

    Special Price €132.40

    SKU: TFTS-16010
  20. IDL GmbH

    Magnetic stirrer ME21

    SKU: ID1000000210
  21. IDL GmbH

    Magnetic stirrer ME22

    SKU: ID1000000220
  22. IDL GmbH

    Magnetic stirrer ME23

    SKU: ID1000000230
  23. Funke Gerber


    SKU: FG8690
  24. Funke Gerber


    SKU: FG8691
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