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Stirrers & Stirring Instruments

We offer stirrers by different high-quality manufacturers. Mechanical stirrers serve to efficiently stir liquids in daily lab routine. Sealed housing guarantees longevity and maintenance-free 24 hour operation in an aggressive environment – even with highly viscous material. Overheating protection reliably prevents overheating - especially in unattended continuous operation. A maintenance-free sparkles motor ensures 27 W output power and performs stirring torque peaks up tp 400 N/cm.

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  1. IDL GmbH

    Stirrer RE 10 without digital display, 30-1600u/min

    SKU: ID5100210100
    In Stock
  2. IDL GmbH

    Stirrer RE 18 Stirrer RE 18

    SKU: ID5100230100
    In Stock
  3. Thermo Fisher Scientific


    SKU: TFTS-18802
  4. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Stirring Rods 100x5 mm, 10 pieces/Pak

    SKU: DI3395411
    In Stock
  5. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Stirring Rods 200x10 mm, 10 pieces/Pak

    SKU: DI3395421
    In Stock
  6. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Stirring Rods 300x10 mm, 10 pieces/Pak

    SKU: DI3395431
    In Stock
  7. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Stirring Rods 500x15 mm, 10 pieces/Pak

    SKU: DI3395451
    In Stock
  8. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Stirring Rods 460x46 mm, PVC with hole

    SKU: DI5117350
    In Stock
  9. IDL GmbH

    Glass stirring rods/AR glass 150mm long 10 pcs.

    SKU: ID1500015040
    In Stock
  10. IDL GmbH

    Glass stirring rods/AR glass 200mm long 10 pcs.

    SKU: ID1500020050
    In Stock
  11. IDL GmbH

    Glass stirring rods/AR glass 250mm long 10 pcs.

    SKU: ID1500025060
    In Stock
  12. IDL GmbH

    Glass stirring rods/AR glass 300mm long 10 pcs.

    SKU: ID1500030070
    In Stock
  13. Heidolph

    Blade stirrer BR 10 Blade stirrer BR 10

    SKU: HD5091000000
    In Stock
  14. Heidolph

    Turbine stirrer TR 20 Turbine stirrer TR 20

    SKU: HD5092000000
  15. Heidolph

    Turbine stirrer TR 21 Turbine stirrer TR 21

    SKU: HD5092100000
    In Stock
  16. Heidolph

    Propeller stirrer PR 30 Propeller stirrer PR 30

    SKU: HD5093000000
    In Stock
  17. Heidolph

    Propeller stirrer PR 31 Propeller stirrer PR 31

    SKU: HD5093100000
    In Stock
  18. Heidolph

    Propeller stirrer PR 32 Propeller stirrer PR 32

    SKU: HD5093200000
    In Stock
  19. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Stirring Rods 410x32 mm

    SKU: DI5117330
  20. Thermo Fisher Scientific


    SKU: TFTS-18825
  21. Thermo Fisher Scientific


    SKU: TFTS-18826
  22. Bochem

    Propeller stirrer 4 blades, 18/10 steel, L=400mm, D=100mm

    Regular Price: €26.61

    Special Price €25.84

    SKU: BO9010
  23. Thermo Fisher Scientific


    SKU: TFTS-18817
  24. Bochem

    Propeller stirrer with 4 blades, 18/10 steel, L=300mm, D=50mm, shaft diameter 8mm

    Regular Price: €24.82

    Special Price €24.09

    SKU: BO9003
  25. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Stirring Rods 460x46 mm, PVC with hole

    SKU: DI5117340
  26. WTW

    RZ 300 Attachment stirrer

    SKU: WW203824
  27. Thermo Fisher Scientific


    SKU: TFTS-18822
  28. Thermo Fisher Scientific


    SKU: TFTS-18824
  29. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Stirring Rods 600x76 mm

    SKU: DI5117360
  30. Duran Group

    KPG-stirring bearing/DURAN HA 10

    SKU: DU245004209
  31. Duran Group

    KPG-stirring bearing/DURAN HB 10

    SKU: DU245055107
  32. Duran Group

    KPG-stirring bearing/DURAN HP 10

    SKU: DU245235504
  33. Duran Group

    KPG-stirring bearing/DURAN HQ 10

    SKU: DU245285603
  34. Duran Group

    KPG-stirring bearing/DURAN, code HB 10

    SKU: DU247500803
  35. Duran Group

    KPG-stirring bearing/DURAN, code HB 10

    SKU: DU247500906
  36. Duran Group

    KPG-stirring shaft/DURAN, code WB 10

    SKU: DU245656409
  37. Duran Group

    KPG-stirring shaft/DURAN, code WB 16

    SKU: DU245666701
  38. IKA

    Anchor stirrer, Ø45 mm, R 1330

    SKU: IK0002022300
  39. IKA

    Anchor stirrer, Ø90 mm, R 1331

    SKU: IK0002022400
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IKA Stirrers

IKA® offers the very best in overhead stirrer technology. Their overhead stirrers provide the perfect solution to all of your laboratory stirring and mixing needs, from lower to higher viscosities. IKA® overhead stirrers process stirring quantities up to 200 liters. Their overhead stirrers stand out because of their indispensable features, which include: electronic safety circuit, push through agitator shaft, digital display, two speed ranges, and the ability to control the rheological changes and monitor all parameters using labworldsoft® software. Additionally, there are several other special features available, such as microprocessor controlled speed technology, removable wireless controller and a digital error display. A broad spectrum of stirring tools is the key to successful mixing! IKA® equipment meets CE standards and fulfils international safety regulations.
IKA® further advances its’mixing technology by offering the first overhead stirrers with wireless technology. Stress-free mixing at your convenience with increased productivity, flexibility and enhanced safety features. Additionally, it comes equipped with the new online update function (only control version), your device is always up-to-date.

  • The display shows torque,temperature, timer, speed and PC connectivity. Additionally, several other parameters can be set such as language, background,brightness, sound, etc.
  • The wireless controller can be separated from the overhead stirrer. This allows for working in a fume hoodor safety cabinet without lifting the protective screen,which in turn helps protect the user from toxic materialexposure in addition to preserving sample integrity.

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