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Stirring Instrument Accessoires

Mechanical agitators are used for the thorough mixing of fluids in the laboratory. We offer agitators from various manufacturers. The sealed housing guarantees years of maintenance-free operation. Overheating protection reliably prevents overheating - especially in unattended continuous operation. All units are suitable for unlimited continuous operation - even at the highest viscosity, motor: 27 watts output.

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Stirring Instruments & Accessories

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  1. Duran Group

    GLS 80 stirred reactor cap

    SKU: DU1200379
  2. Duran Group

    GLS 80 stirred reactor incl. 1 L bottle

    SKU: DU1200380
  3. Duran Group

    GLS 80 stirred reactor incl. 2 L bottle

    SKU: DU1200381
  4. Duran Group

    GL 45 stirred reactor incl. 500ml DURAN bottle

    SKU: DU1200395
  5. Nalgene Thermo Scientific

    Magnetic stirring bar/Floating Dimension dia.xH. 54x28

    SKU: NLDS66300250
  6. WTW

    RZ 300 Attachment stirrer

    SKU: WW203824
  7. Vitlab

    Magnetic Stirrer Retriever 330mm *PTFE*

    SKU: VI318597
  8. Agilent Technologies

    Stirring bar, 7mm x 3 x 5mm dia2 pcs.

    SKU: AG9301-1161
  9. PerkinElmer

    Rapid Mixing Accessory w/Pneumatic Drive

    SKU: PEN4104015
  10. PerkinElmer

    Rapid Mixing Accessory

    SKU: PEN4104014
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