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Multi-parameter measuring instruments are multifunctional. A multi-channel system allows multiple parameters to be recorded simultaneously. A simple user interface and a robust housing not only allow for use in the laboratory, but also in the field of water control or profile measurements. Thanks to a high storage capacity and an easy transfer of the information via USB, the processing and evaluation of the data is straightforward. In addition, a GLP-supporting function, a graphical representation of the data and several connection possibilities are available for further sensors or measuring modules. The pH, conductivity, temperature or redox potential can also be measured in the laboratory. The practical combination of simple operation and clear presentation, high, flexible functionality and large storage volume makes the multi-parameter measuring instruments a necessary purchase for a good analysis!

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Multi-parameter controller

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  1. WTW

    Multi 3510 IDS

    SKU: WW2FD350
  2. Mettler-Toledo

    SevenGo Duo, SG23-FK2

    SKU: MR51302602
  3. WTW

    Multi 3620 IDS SET C Multiparameter meter, inkl. pH-Sensor, Measuring cell

    Regular Price: €1,935.00

    Special Price €1,644.75

    SKU: WW2FD56C
  4. WTW

    NT multirange wide-band power supply NT multirange wide-band power supply

    Regular Price: €125.00

    Special Price €122.00

    SKU: WW902867
  5. Mettler-Toledo

    SevenGo Duo, SG23-B

    SKU: MR51302600
  6. Mettler-Toledo

    SevenGo Duo, SG23-ELK

    SKU: MR51302601
  7. Mettler-Toledo

    SevenGo Duo, SG23-FK5

    SKU: MR51302603
  8. Mettler-Toledo

    SevenGo Duo pro, SG78-B

    SKU: MR51302620
  9. Mettler-Toledo

    SevenGo Duo pro, SG78-ELK

    SKU: MR51302621
  10. Mettler-Toledo

    SevenGo Duo pro, SG78-FK2

    SKU: MR51302622
  11. Mettler-Toledo

    SevenGo Duo pro, SG78-FK5

    SKU: MR51302623
  12. Mettler-Toledo

    SevenGo Duo pro, SG78-USP/EP

    SKU: MR51302625
  13. Mettler-Toledo

    SevenGo Duo pro, SG98-B

    SKU: MR51302661
  14. WTW

    Multi 3320 Multi-parameter portable

    Regular Price: €1,345.00

    Special Price €1,143.25

    SKU: WW2FA310
  15. WTW

    Multi 3510 IDS SET 1

    SKU: WW2FD351
  16. WTW

    Multi 3510 IDS SET 3

    SKU: WW2FD353
  17. WTW

    Multi 3510 IDS SET 4

    SKU: WW2FD354
  18. WTW

    Multi 3510 IDS SET KS1

    SKU: WW2FD35U
  19. WTW

    Digital Multi-parameter portable meter MultiLine® Multi 3630 IDS

    Regular Price: €2,188.00

    Special Price €1,859.80

    SKU: WW2FD570
  20. WTW

    Multi 3630 IDS SET F Multiparameter meter, 3 universal Measuring chanels +sensores

    Regular Price: €3,727.00

    Special Price €3,167.95

    SKU: WW2FD57F
  21. Mettler-Toledo

    SevenGoTM seal kit

    SKU: MR51302336
  22. WTW

    ADA 94pH/IDS DIN pH/mV adapter DIN

    SKU: WW108131
  23. WTW

    ADA 94pH/IDS BNC pH/mV adapter BNC

    SKU: WW108132
  24. WTW

    KS MultiLine 2

    SKU: WW2F0004
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