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In the Analytics shop, we offer you useful accessories to make working with photometers even easier. This category includes products by Macherey-Nagel, Merck and WTW. Particularly noticeable is our large supply of Merck Millipore high-quality accessories, which make working with the photometers form the Spectrometer® series even easier. The product range extends from PC cables and software for special analyzes, to various adapters, transport cases and much more.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding our products. Our expert support team will be happy to advise you.

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Photometer Accessories

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  1. Macherey-Nagel

    Nanocolor Spritzen, 50 ml, 10 St.

    SKU: MN91609
    In Stock
  2. Macherey-Nagel

    NANO Photometer 300 D/PT-3 tungsten lamp

    SKU: MN919787
    In Stock
  3. Merck

    Crack Set 10 100 digestions Spectroquant®

    Regular Price: €170.00

    Special Price €156.75

    SKU: MC1146870001
  4. Merck

    Crack Set 10C 25 digestions Spectroquant®

    Regular Price: €130.00

    Special Price €119.70

    SKU: MC1146880001
  5. Merck

    Holmium perchlorate standard solution for the calibration of spectrophotometers, 100 ml

    Regular Price: €345.00

    Special Price €317.30

    SKU: MC1081590100
  6. Macherey-Nagel

    NANO UV/VIS Protective covering

    SKU: MN919105
  7. Macherey-Nagel


    SKU: MN916995
  8. Merck

    AOX Enrichment Set Spectroquant®

    Regular Price: €132.00

    Special Price €121.60

    SKU: MC1006780001
  9. Merck


    Regular Price: €183.00

    Special Price €168.15

    SKU: MC1007860001
  10. Merck

    Crack Set 20 for the digestion of nitrogen (total) 90 digestions Spectroquant®

    Regular Price: €127.00

    Special Price €116.85

    SKU: MC1149630001
  11. WTW

    LabStation LabStation

    SKU: WW251301
  12. Macherey-Nagel


    SKU: MN916994
  13. Macherey-Nagel

    Photometer Software

    SKU: MN91902
  14. Macherey-Nagel

    NANO Mains adaptor (100.240 V) f. photom

    SKU: MN91906
  15. Macherey-Nagel

    NANO Photometer 400 D Protective coverin

    SKU: MN91918
  16. Macherey-Nagel

    Photometer PF-12 manual

    SKU: MN919222
  17. Macherey-Nagel

    Photometer PF-12 Plus manual

    SKU: MN919252
  18. Macherey-Nagel

    Photometer PF-3 Pool, Box

    SKU: MN919340
  19. Macherey-Nagel

    Photometer PF-3 Soil, box

    SKU: MN919341
  20. Macherey-Nagel

    Photometer PF-3 COD, box

    SKU: MN919342
  21. Macherey-Nagel

    Photometer PF-3 Drinking water, box

    SKU: MN919343
  22. Macherey-Nagel

    Photometer PF-3 Fish, box -RS PM-

    SKU: MN919345
  23. Macherey-Nagel

    Photometer PF-3 manual

    SKU: MN919392
  24. Macherey-Nagel

    NANO Photometer 500 D manual

    SKU: MN919501
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