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Laboratories can be a demanding work environment when it comes to matters of safety & protection. In order to meet lab safety guidelines, various supplies are requisite regarding proper labeling, personal protective equipment, professional cleaning & disinfection and correct disposal of chemicals. At Analytics-Shop.com you find any supply needed to assure safe and healthful working conditions. For workers personal protective clothing is available to protect the wearer from specific hazards or hazardous substances. Further we offer various liquid and powdery cleaners and disinfections to guarantee hygienic cleaning. To avoid exposure to hazardous substances and mixtures, labels and pictograms provide information to identify handle the specific chemical. 

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Safety & Protection

Protective Clothing

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is special gear used to protect the wearers' health when working with hazardous substances and mixtures. PPE includes gloves, respiratory protection, eye protection, and protective clothing like overalls and lab coats. See our large assortment of one way gloves, high quality garments, temperature shields and much more.

Professional Cleaning and Disinfection

Protection & safety in laboratories begins with sterile surfaces and ends with the cleaning and disinfection of instruments after use. Here you find high quality cleansers and disinfectants by numerous well-known brands like Nalge Thermo Scientific, Kimberly-Clark, Hirschmann and many others. Cleaning supplies are available for various methods of cleaning, from wiping, ultrasonic and immersion baths, to machine cleaning with laboratory washing machines.

Labeling & Identification of substances and mixtures

To avoid health hazards in laboratories, sufficient information and correct labeling is essential. Labels including pictograms on chemicals provide information to identify, use and handle the substances and mixtures. At Analytics-Shop.com you find various supply you need to meet lab safety guidelines and to provide a safe work environment.