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Proper protective apparel is essential when working with toxic and harming substances. High quality equipment provides the ideal combination of best protection with comfort. At Analytics-Shop.com you find a great selection of high quality personal protective equipment (PPE), from nitrile gloves and exam gloves to cyro temperature shields and overalls.

More information on protective clothing and gloves can be found here.

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Protective Clothing

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  1. IDL GmbH

    Disposable nitrile gloves, size L, light blue 100 pcs.

    SKU: ID3600100180
    In Stock
  2. neoLab

    Nitril-Handschuhe Gr. S Pf, 100 pc

    SKU: NO2401810100
    In Stock
  3. neoLab

    Nitril-Handschuhe Gr. M Pf, 100 pc

    SKU: NO2401810200
    In Stock
  4. neoLab

    Nitril-Handschuhe Gr. Xl Pf, 100 pc

    SKU: NO2401810400
    In Stock
  5. Bürkle

    Safety goggles casual style

    SKU: BÜ2502-2010
  6. Braun Petzold

    Latexhandschuhe Manufix,klein, 100St/Pk

    SKU: PZ6090010
  7. Braun Petzold

    Latexhandschuhe Manufix, groß, 100St/Pk

    SKU: PZ6090052
  8. Windaus

    Hitzeschutzhandschuhe Kevlar, L:40cm

    SKU: ID364300090
  9. IDL GmbH

    CRYO GLOVES 5-finger gloves WRS 1 pair

    SKU: ID3600030000
  10. IDL GmbH

    CRYO GLOVES 5-finger gloves WRM 1 pair

    SKU: ID3600030020
  11. IDL GmbH

    CRYO GLOVES 5-finger gloves WRL 1 pair

    SKU: ID3600030040
  12. IDL GmbH

    CRYO GLOVES 5-finger gloves WRLX 1 pair

    SKU: ID3600030060
  13. IDL GmbH

    CRYO GLOVES 5-finger gloves WRS-WP 1 pair

    SKU: ID3600030100
  14. IDL GmbH

    CRYO GLOVES 5-finger gloves WRM-WP 1 pair

    SKU: ID3600030120
  15. IDL GmbH

    CRYO GLOVES 5-finger gloves WRL-WP 1 pair

    SKU: ID3600030140
  16. IDL GmbH

    CRYO GLOVES 5-finger gloves WRXL-WP 1 pair

    SKU: ID3600030160
  17. IDL GmbH

    CRYO GLOVES 5-finger gloves MAS 1 pair

    SKU: ID3600040000
  18. IDL GmbH

    CRYO GLOVES 5-finger gloves MAM 1 pair

    SKU: ID3600040020
  19. IDL GmbH

    CRYO GLOVES 5-finger gloves MAL 1 pair

    SKU: ID3600040040
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The KLEENGUARD series by Kimberly-Clark covers high quality protective clothing for various operating conditions. KLEENGUARD A50 Ultra Garments are designed to protect the user from liquid aerosols, spray and light splashing where the risk of chemical exposure is defined as low risk. These garments with full-length zips are made from an engineered structure called SMS. The three layers of the fabric are made of polyolefin fibres, which deliver strength, durability and protection. All components are silicone free.

Laboratory Gloves

Laboratory gloves are part of the basic personal protective equipment. Heat/fire resistant gloves are available, as well as gloves for protection against chemical or mechanical risks. At Analytics-Shop-com you find nitrile gloves for optimal protection against chemicals, fats, acids and solvents. KIMTECH Science nitrile gloves by Kimberly-Clark are available in various sizes and bulk packs. Further, we offer CYRO gloves, latex gloves etc. from size S to L.

Chemical resistance of gloves

Depending on the work to be performed and chemicals used we advise different types and materials of gloves. The chemical protection of gloves is reserved according to EN374. It is of great importance to select the right glove which effectively protects against the chemicals used. In general, nitrile gloves protect very well against oil-based chemicals (solvents, oils, greases), while natural latex gloves are for water-based chemicals (acids and bases).

It should be noted also that the imbuing, penetrating  the glove thus damaging the glove material, starts with the first contact between glove and chemical. Depending of the penetration times different protection levels are distinguished.



0,1 mm

Category I


0,1 mm

Category I


0,1 mm

Category II


0,35 mm

Category II and III

Acetaldehyde unfit unfit unfit > 10 min
Acetonitrile unfit unfit unfit > 10 min
Dichlormethane unfit no recommendation unfit unfit
Acetic Acid conc. unfit unfit > 30 min > 120 min
Ethidium Bromide unfit unfit > 480 min > 480 min
Glycerol unfit > 10 min > 120 min > 480 min
Hexane no recommendation > 30 min > 480 min > 480 min
Nitrobenze unfit unfit unfit > 30 min
Pyridine unfit unfit > 10 min > 10 min
Nitric Acid 50% unfit unfit > 30 min > 240 min
Tetrahydrofuran unfit no recommendation unfit unfit
Toluol unfit no recommendation > 10 min unfit

Gloves Category I serve as protection for management of solid low level radioactive chemicals or solutions. When using liquid chemicals, use of gloves in the Category II and III (protection against medium risks and from deadly hazards or health) is recommended.

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