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For cleaning and disinfection of laboratory instruments various methods are applicable. Glass and plastic labware can be cleaned manually, in an immersion bath, or in a laboratory washing machine. To prevent baking-on the substance and damage to the labware by adhering chemical residues it is important to clean labware immediately after use at low temperatures, with brief soaking times, and at low alkalinity. Labware which has come into contact with infectious substances should be disinfected before cleaning and, if necessary, autoclaved. At Analytics-Shop you find a wide range of cleaners and disinfectants by numerous manufactures such as Bode, Dr. Weigert, Hirschmann and Kimberly-Clark.

Find further information on cleaning methods and product characteristics here.

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Cleaning & Disinfection

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  1. Bode

    Sterillium, hand disinfection, 10x1l

    Regular Price: €127.70

    Special Price €111.60

    SKU: BD106600
  2. Dr. Weigert

    Neodisher Laboclean FLA, 5L

    SKU: WG411233
  3. Brand

    Universal detergent Mucasol liquid, 5 l-can (7 kg)

    Regular Price: €155.95

    Special Price €148.15

    SKU: BR44005
    In Stock
  4. Dr. Weigert

    Neodisher Laboclean A8, 25kg

    SKU: WG410266
    In Stock
  5. Dr. Weigert

    Neodisher N, 5L

    Regular Price: €59.47

    Special Price €56.49

    SKU: WG420133
    In Stock
  6. Dr. Weigert

    Neodisher Z, 5L

    Regular Price: €67.54

    Special Price €60.52

    SKU: WG420233
    In Stock
  7. Bochem

    Brush for test tubes, D=20mm, L=270mm

    SKU: BO12310
    In Stock
  8. Braun Petzold

    Trixo herbal skin care lotion for normal skin 100 ml tube

    SKU: PZ18599
    In Stock
  9. Waters

    MS Cleaning Solution

    SKU: WT186006846
    In Stock
  10. Dastex

    Kler-Alkohol-Spray Dastex, 1 L, 6 Stk/Pkg.

    Regular Price: €195.00

    Special Price €112.80

    SKU: DA80500/KL302
    In Stock
  11. Hirschmann

    1 l

    Regular Price: €33.15

    Special Price €32.15

    SKU: HI9720101
    In Stock
  12. Hirschmann

    5 l

    Regular Price: €134.00

    Special Price €130.00

    SKU: HI9720105
    In Stock
  13. IDL GmbH

    Wiper, rod form, gray Wiper, rod form, gray

    SKU: ID2700750010
    In Stock
  14. IDL GmbH

    Wiper, spatula form, gray Wiper, spatula form, gray

    SKU: ID2700750110
    In Stock
  15. IDL GmbH

    Wiper, spatula form, red Wiper, spatula form, red

    SKU: ID2700750120
    In Stock
  16. Reitenspieß

    Bürste für Erlenmeyer, D. = 30mm, L:290mm

    SKU: ID3703100060
    In Stock
  17. Reitenspieß

    Bottle brush, ø = 50mm

    SKU: ID370310008
    In Stock
  18. Kimberly-Clark

    Wall holder for large reels, Wall holder for large reels

    SKU: KC6146
    In Stock
  19. Kimberly-Clark

    KIMCARE General gentle washing lotion 6 pcs.

    SKU: KC6333
    In Stock
  20. Kimberly-Clark

    KIMTECH Prep* process wipes KIMTECH Prep* process wipes

    SKU: KC7643
    In Stock
  21. Kimberly-Clark

    KIMTECH Science cleaning tissues, white, 20,5x20cm, 100 pcs./box

    SKU: KC7558-K
    In Stock
  22. Bode

    Universal spray nozzle for 500/ 1000 ml

    SKU: BD815870
    In Stock
  23. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Test tube brush, dia. 10mm, length 250mm, with head bundle, wire stem

    SKU: ID3703100020
    In Stock
  24. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Test tube brush wool lace, D: 10mm, wire handle

    SKU: ID3703100030
    In Stock
  25. Reitenspieß

    Becherglasbürste D:85/60mm mit Holzstiel

    SKU: ID370310012
    In Stock
  26. IDL GmbH

    Deconex 11 UNI 5 kg, universal cleaner

    SKU: ID3500901050
    In Stock
  27. Reitenspieß

    Becherglasbürste, Nr.8b, mit Holzstiel

    SKU: ID370310013
    In Stock
  28. IDL GmbH

    Deconex 26 Mineralacid, 5 kg Pre-rinse and neutralizing agent

    SKU: ID3500924070
    In Stock
  29. Reitenspieß

    Gläserbürste, Roßhaar-Nylon-Mischung, DRM 100/80 mm

    SKU: ID370310015
    In Stock
  30. IDL GmbH

    Deconex cleaning powder 22 PF, 1,5 kg

    SKU: ID3500908010
  31. IDL GmbH

    Deconex 26 PLUS 12 kg

    SKU: ID3500926120
    In Stock
  32. Dr. Weigert

    Neodisher Laboclean A8, 10kg

    Regular Price: €83.85

    Special Price €66.67

    SKU: WG410276
    In Stock
  33. Reitenspieß

    Test tube brush, dia. 30mm, with wool tip

    SKU: ID3703100070
    In Stock
  34. WTW

    RL-G Cleaning solution

    SKU: WW205204
    In Stock
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Methods of Cleaning

The wiping and scrubbing method is generally accepted and a popular cleaning method. However, when using cloths or sponges soaked in cleaning solutions, one can easily damage the surface of laboratory instruments. Ultrasonic baths are recommended for both glass and plastic labware, direct contact with the sonic membranes must be avoided though. For the immersion bath method, the instruments are soaked in cleaning solutions for 20-30 minutes. Then the labware is rinsed with tap water and distilled water. A more gentle method is machine cleaning with laboratory washing machines. The instruments are only exposed to the cleaner for short flushing periods. Further washing nets and wire baskets coated with plastic protect the labware against scratching and damage.

SCOTT, WYPALL and KLEENEX wipers by Kimberly-Clark for cleaning

In the field of cleaning and disinfection a wide variety of superior cleaning solutions is available. WYPALL cloths and wipers combine versatile performance and economy for light-duty tasks. The wipers are lightweight, yet strong and reinforced for extra strength. They hold together and do not leave residues behind. KLEENEX towels are extra absorbent, tear-resistant and very soft and convenient in use.

Laboratory Cleaning Concentrates

Laboratory Cleaning Concentrates are available in different forms for various application areas:

Manufacturer Form Characteristics Solution
Hirschmann rea-pur powder form cleans automatically, gentle on materials and skin, for all laboratory instruments, free of chlorine and caustic alkalis 0,5% solution for use
Hirschmann rea-sol liquid rapid cleaning reagent, for all laboratory instruments, gentle on materials and skin, free of chlorine and caustic alkalis, sensitive tests are not influences 1% solution for use
Hirschmann rea-des 2000 liquid cleans and disinfects automatically, rapidly and gently, bactericidical, fungicidal, HIV- and hepatitis virus inactivating 0.8 to 2% working solution
Hirschmann rea-phos liquid phosphate free, biodegradable, also suitable for ultrasonic baths 1% working solution
Hirschmann rea-mat powder form non foaming, for laboratory washing machines, cleaning and disinfection apparatus 0.1 to 0.4% working concentration
Hirschmann rea-stabil liquid concentrate to keep stable water-baths, thermostates etc., bactericide and fungicide 0.1% working concentration
Hirschmann rea-clar liquid neutralisation and rinsing agent, especially suitable as additive for the rinsing in laboratory washing machines, good wetting characteristics 0.02 to 0.04% working concentration
Hirschmann rea clean liquid automatic rapid cleaning concentrate, phosphate free, for spraying or wetting, also for severe dirt, grease and oil contamination 1 litre concentrate produces up to 40 litres working solution
Brand Pursept-AF liquid cleaning and disinfection concentrate, for floors, walls and equipment, suitable for use in food industries, also available as Pursept-A Xpress Disinfection Tissues and und Pursept-A Xpress Disinfection Spray  
Brand Mucocit T liquid for cleaning and disinfection, free from phosphate, aldehyde, phenol and chlorine compounds, suitable for sensitive devices  
Brand Edisonite SUPER powder form neutral universal cleaning concentrate, for immersion and ultrasonic baths, ideal for removal natural fats and oils, proteins and blood, suitable for the cleaning of optical glasses and for plastics, sensitive to alkalis and rubbers 0.5-1% concentration for use
Brand Edisonite Classic powder form universal alkaline detergent, for immersion and ultrasonic baths, suitable for removal of natural fats and oils, proteins and blood, durable protection against corrosion damage 0.5-1% concentration for use
Brand Mucasol liquid alkaline high-performance concentrate, cleans automatically, for immersion and ultrasonic baths, universal cleaner for laboratory equipment and instruments made of glass, porcelain, plastic, rubber and metal, free from chlorine and caustic alkalis, non-toxic, non-aggressive and biodegradable  
Brand Mucocit-P powder form powerful and gentle to material, free from phosphates, aldehydes and phenoles  

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