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Akzo Nobel

AkzoNobel is operating since 1646 and is a worldwide leader in coatings industry and a major producer of specialty chemicals and HPLC columns. Based on more than 350 years of experience AkzoNobel provides industry and consumers worldwide with innovative products and sustainable technologies that have been developed to meet the growing needs in this industry.

In the Analytics-Shop.com we offer more than 3,000 high-quality Kromasil columns and other HPLC columns by AkzoNobel.

Akzo Nobel

Main Categories

Kromasil HPLC columns

Kromasil products are silica-bases and available in many different surface modifications. Pore size and particle size availability is dependent on the stationary phase. All products are packed in various columns with different diameters and length depending on your analytical separation requirements. Use the tables and pick the one column you are looking for.

Kromasil UHPLC columns with 1.8µm particles are the latest technology advancement from AkzoNobel that enable your laboratory to achieve unmatched resolution, decreased turnaround time and minimized laboratory costs.

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