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Since 2012 the german producer of biochemical products Applichem is part of ITW - Illinois Tool Works Inc., a company group with headquarter in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The product range comprises besides high purity solvents also acids, bases, amino acids and proteins as well as biological buffers and many more reagents needed in every biochemical or biological laboratory for daily work. Especially the high quality of the assortment of Applichem and the resulting reproducibility and precision of results have to be highlighted.


Chemicals AppliChem

The company AppliChem GmbH provides various services and the synthesis of organic and inorganic chemicals in the area of 'chemical products‘. Furthermore, it produces reference substances for environmental analysis. Since 1995, AppliChem also offers base chemicals and different resolvents in its product portfolio. These are summarized in the laboratory catalog ‘Chemica’. The AppliChem GmbH was founded 1992 in Gatersleben (Sachsen-Anhalt). Other laboratories were established soon after in Darmstadt.

AppliChem Biochemicals

The product line BioChemica by AppliChem covers a wide range of biochemicals for biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology, and molecular biology. At Analytics-Shop.com you find e.g. amino acids, biological buffers, solvents and numerous other standards and reagents by AppliChem.

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