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Bandelin, a family-owned mid-sized company, has more than 65 years experience in ultrasonic technology and is located in Berlin, Germany. Bandelin is specialized on development and producing ultrasonic devices as well as corresponding accessories and disinfectant and cleaning agents. These devices are applied in nearly all branches like industry, maintenance, service, medical, pharmaceutical and dental fields as well as laboratories.


Main Categories

Ultrasonic baths

Bandelin produces ultrasonic baths for laboratories which are not only used for the thorough cleaning of laboratory glass, but also for the effective homogenization of samples. The ultrasonic baths are suitable for both routine operation and for use in research. They have been successfully implemented for over 25 years for sample preparation in sewage and soil analysis, cell disruption, emulsification, reaction acceleration or for the production of very fine emulsions. In the Analytics shop you can also find accessories for the ultrasonic baths.


SONOREX SUPER ultrasonic baths from Bandelin are manufactured in series and are robust, compact and easy to operate. Selection of the suitableSONOREX SUPER depends on the sizes and numbers of objects to be cleaned and of the sample vessels to be sonicated. The oscillating tanks made of stainless steel are easy to clean and drip-proof. Also a drain cock is included for easy emptying.


In the area of ultrasonics, Bandelin electronic is such a nameable producer that the labels SONOREX, SONOPLUS and SONOMIC have become synonyms for ultrasonic devices and detergents in expert groups. Among the most important product categories, there are SONOREX ultrasonic cleaning units, SONOPLUS ultrasonic homogenizers, SONOREX ultrasonic reactor, STAMMOPUR and TICKOPUR disinfection and cleaning agents.

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