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The Biotech AB has been developing innovative chromatography laboratory products for more than 10 years. The company is specialized in fluid chromatography and finding solutions to issues with gases and bubbles in fluidic systems. Among the innovative products that Biotech has brought to the market in recent years are SunShell, a novel separation column, and the advanced Biotech Degasser Degasi®. The degasser efficiently removes dissolved gases from a liquid medium. Dissolved gases can lead to undesired side effects and damage the HPLC system. In addition, Biotech manufactures and sells HPLC columns, as well as sensors, tubing, fittings and other accessories for LC systems.


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Biotech Degasi® Degasser

Dissolved gases in liquid media can often cause problems. Changes in temperature or pressure can cause the dissolved gases to form bubbles that can affect accuracy and precision as well as damage the analyzers themselves. In addition, problem-free reproducibility of the results obtained cannot be ensured. Biotech Degassers offers a very efficient way to remove dissolved gases from the liquid media to prevent bubble formation.

The degassers can be used in all types of laboratory applications where gases dissolved in a liquid medium can disturb the system. By a disturbance of the system thereby the distortion of the measurement results up to the damage of the measuring equipment is meant. Degassing is an important prerequisite for achieving an optimum performance and unadulterated, reproducible results.

The BIOTECH DEGASi® product line offers easy-to-use and reliable degassers that are suitable for continuous operation over several years. The low internal volume of the Systec AF ™ tubing in the degasser allows quick equilibration. Thus, the degasser requires only a short start-up time, especially when compared with degasser using PTFE degassing channels. The product range includes various degassers. Choose the right model depending on the flow rate and the type of solvent used.

How do Biotech Degasi® work?

For degassing the liquid medium is passed into a tube, which is located in a chamber in which a partial vacuum is constantly generated. Dissolved gases migrate through the tube wall under a concentration gradient created by the vacuum when the solvent flows in the tube in accordance with Henry's Law. The gases are drawn out of the system and the chamber maintained at a constant vacuum level. The pumphead is continuously purged with air via a special valve to remove solvent vapors that may otherwise enter the pump from the vacuum chamber. It is not necessary to completely eliminate the dissolved gas, it only needs to be reduced to a concentration below the saturation point of the mixture. 

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