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Bode Chemie

BODE Chemie is a german chemical company, one of the leading manufacturers of disinfectants and hygienic products. The comprehensive range of products includes products for the cleaning and disinfection of instruments and surfaces, as well as for the disinfection of body and skin. As a subsidiary of Paul Hartmann AG, in addition to the disinfectants, system solutions for infection protection are also available.

Bode Chemie

Main Categories

Quality products for infection protection

BODE Chemie has been a subsidiary of Paul Hartmann AG, Heidenheim since 2009. Through the takeover by Hartmann AG, the business areas of the two companies were expanded and t system solutions for infection protection, for example, consisting of tested BODE disinfectants, as well as sterile surgical clothing from Hartmann are now offered to the customers. 

In 2011 the BODE SCIENCE CENTER was established, which deals with the research of solutions for the protection of infections. Scientific publications on current topics, the development of new standards and a high professional level of consulting are among the core services. The practical solutions for the protection against infections are developed and accompanied scientifically. In addition, with the help of certified e-learning tools, high-quality training courses are provided as well as visually, as well as advice and information on issues relating to the protection of infection.

Sterillium® - the development of a market leader

Sterillium® is regarded as the classic of alcoholic hand disinfection and has been successfully marketed for more than 50 years. Thanks to its reliable antimicrobial efficacy and excellent skin-friendliness, the favorite of millions of users around the world. 

Based on the development of Sterillium®, Bode developed a sophisticated product range for the different needs of hand disinfection. This includes the skin-friendly classic Sterillium®, the dyestuff- and perfume-free Sterillium® classic pure, the comprehensively effective Sterillium® med, as well as the extremely high-performance, virucidal Sterillium® Virugard.

The entire Sterillium® product range is distinguished by a comprehensive activity against bacteria, yeast fungi and enveloped viruses. In addition, they are particularly skin-friendly and re-grease and increase the skin's moisture with regular use.

Areas of application

Sterillium is suitable for sterile as well as surgical hand disinfection. It is used as a ready-to-use alcoholic rubbing preparation and can thus be used in all areas, for example health care and industry, for the prevention of infections. 

Sterillium is a pioneer in the field of alcoholic hand disinfection and offers a high immediate effect as well as a reliable long-term effect. This shows excellent compatibility even with long-term application as well as an excellent immediate effect.

Comprehensively certified - quality management at the highest level

BODE Chemie develops and produces disinfectants and hygienic products of the highest quality worldwide. As a producer of medicines, the company produces strictly according to the drug law. With this high quality claim, many products are produced beyond the required quality standards.

All processes within the company - from development to production and distribution - are subject to a management system at the highest international level.

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