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Bohlender was founded in 1959 as a precision turning plant. For 60 years now, the design, development and production of professional laboratory equipment made of high-performance plastics such as PTFE, PFA or FEP has been the main segment of Bohlender. At Analytics-Shop.com you will find magnetic stirring bars, magnetic stirring bar retriever, boiling stones and hoses. The products made of the above-mentioned plastics are sold under the well-known BOLA brand. Since 1970 Bohlender has also been manufacturing high-quality drying cabinets and desiccators made of acrylic glass, known under the brand name SICCO. With the two product brands BOLA and SICCO, Bohlender GmbH developed into an internationally successful medium-sized company.



BOLA Magnetic Stirring Bars

At Analytics-Shop.com we offer cylinder magnetic stirring bars of the company Bohlender. The high quality bars are made of PTFE, which gives them high temperature resistance (-200°C to +200°C) and universal chemical resistance. The cylindrical magnetic stirring bars also offer an excellent contact surface and smooth running properties.

BOLA Magnetic Stirring Bar Retrievers

In our extensive range you will also find magnetic stirring bar retriever from Bohlender, which are used to remove individual magnetic stirring bars from aggressive media. The magnetic stirring bar retriever prevents the loss of the magnetic stirring bars during pouring. The PTFE-coated stirring bar retriever with a strong permanent magnet has universal chemical resistance.

BOLA Hoses

You will also find PTFE hoses from Bohlender in our product portfolio. These are also very temperature-resistant and have other advantageous product properties such as an anti-adhesive surface, very good sliding properties and almost universal chemical resistance.

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