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Burdick & Jackson

Burdick & Jackson belongs, among others, to the company Honeywell and developed the first high-purity solvents more than 50 years ago. Today Burdick & Jackson is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-purity solvents and DNA/RNA reagents. As new applications and techniques emerge, Burdick & Jackson continues to develop products to meet the most demanding requirements for laboratories and pharmaceutical production.

Burdick & Jackson
Burdick & Jackson

Main Categories

BioSyn – DNA and RNA Solvents and Reagents

The BioSyn line of DNA and RNA reagents are processed and purified to minimize particulate contamination, making them attractive for the use in pharmacogenomics, diagnostics and drug discovery applications. BioSyn solvents feature ultra-low water specifications, low amine specifications, low particulate levels, high purity and reagents that are well suited for oligo and peptide synthesis.

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