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Chiral Technologies

Chiral Technologies is one of the leading suppliers of chiral chromatography products, including chiral GC columns for the separation of enantiomers. For the special applications chiral packing materials of the highest purity and quality are. The products of Chiral Technologies meet these requirements. In the Analytics shop, we offer you a wide selection of chiral GC and HPLC columns as well as various HPLC and GC accessories such as precolumns or coupling parts.

Chiral Technologies

Chiral HPLC columns

Especially in modern medical and biotechnological matters chiral substances become more and more important. The separation of these substances cannot be undertaken with common HPLC columns. Therefore you can find all packing materials such as Chiral, Chiralcel, Chiralpak, Crownpack etc. of Chiral Technologies in the analytics-shop.com.

Chiral Supplies

Gladly we provide you with the entire product spectrum of the manufacturer Chiral technologies such as spare parts, consumables and lab supplies. If you have trouble finding what you are after our staff is looking forward to helping you find the wanted product.

Chiral guard columns for HPLC

You can find more than 80 guard columns from Chiral Technologies at our shop. The appropriate precolumn for each chiral column can be easily found by applying the corresponding product filters.


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