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Dinkelberg analytics

Dinkelberg analytics, founded in 1922, is a supplier for laboratories mainly of the dairy and food industry. For decades Dinkelberg analytics has been a renowned manufacturer for its original high quality vacuum package tester, water baths and malt tester.

Dinkelberg Analytics
Dinkelberg analytics

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Dinkelberg Analytics
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Dinkelberg Analytics
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Dinkelberg Analytics
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Vacuum package tester by Dinkelberg analytics

For more than 40 years Dinkelberg analytics has manufactured innovative vacuum package tester for testing the tightness of closures and seals of various packages. The test chamber is made of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) and the package tester are mainly used in the food industry. The standard leak tester with an extern membrane pump as well as the digital package tester are extremely long-living. We also offer individual package tester as well as special models on request.

Water baths by Dinkelberg analytics

Dinkelberg analytics has been one of the first manufacturers of water baths for laboratories. For more than 40 years Dinkelberg analytics has been distributing high quality water baths. The water baths with up-to-date control unit and safety system are designed for universal use in laboratories. The tank is made of white PP (polypropylene) which is not only cheaper than stainless steel but also guarantees outstanding thermo-insulation characteristics. You also find various accessories for water baths such as lids and racks.

Malt tester by Dinkelberg analytics

Malt tester are commonly used in the beverage and food industry. Similar to water baths, the housing of the malt testing apparatus by Dinkelberg analytics is made of PP. This enables a long life span of the products. We offer malt tester in special sizes and custom-made products on request.

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