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The main segments of the life science company Eppendorf are composed of liquid handling, cell handling and sample handling. The product range, which can also be found in the analytics-shop.com, consists of pipettes, incubatores, PCR, shaker and freezers. These products are applicable in development and research as well as in pharmaceutical, chemical or biotechnological industry.


Eppendorf instruments for your laboratory

Eppendorf is dedicated to life science and develops, produces and sells laboratory systems worldwide. The product portfolio contains, for instance, pipettes and pipetting automates, dispensers, centrifuges and mixing devices as well as articles such as reaction vessels and pipette tips. Furthermore, Eppendorf offers ultra-cold freezers, fermenters and bio-reactors, CO2 – incubators, shakers, devices for DNA-amplification, spectrometers as well as systems for cell manipulation. The Eppendorf products are being applied in academic and industrial research laboratories, for instance the pharma, biotech and chemical industry as well as in clinical laboratories to analyze environmental issues, the forensics and industrial laboratories for process analysis, production and quality assurance.

Eppendorf Reference 2 pipette

The Reference 2 is the successor to the highly successful Reference pipette with a new design, reduced weight and operating forces and multi-channel versions. The Reference 2 pipette provides the most accurate results possible alongside robust, reliable handling and optimum user safety. This makes the Reference 2 ideal for use with precious liquids, or in any application requiring extremely high levels of accuracy.

Eppendorf Xplorer pipettes

The electronic pipettes Eppendorf Xplorer and Eppendorf Xplorer plus were specially designed for high professional standards to provide optimal support with a new intuitive operating concept and design based on the proven Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept®. These features set new standards for simplicity, precision and reproducibility. For you and your work this means precisely adjustable parameters, maximum reproducible results and consistent, full control over the pipetting processes.

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