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Fortis Technologies

Fortis Technologies was founded in 2005 and has since then focused on research, development and manufacture of HPLC and UHPLC columns that are based on high purity silica materials. The company, located in Great Britain, aims to meet the chromatographic needs of the analysts by keeping an eye on latest trends in the industry to then inbuilt them in the products they develop. Thus, a wide range of particularly highly selective modern stationary phases for liquid chromatography has been designed. The HPLC columns are available with different selectivities and particle sizes for HPLC and UHPLC analysis. Their product portfolio includes guard columns as well. Analytics-Shop offers more than 1,700 columns and guard columns manufactured by Fortis Technologies. Their product assortment can be reviewed in the brochures on the bottom of this page.

Fortis Technologies

Main Categories

Fortis SpeedCore®

SpeedCore® is the very latest in core-shell technology.  These columns provide low backpressure and are designed to offer an enhanced efficiency, speed and resolution of analysis.

The integration of Fortis' optimized bonding and packaging practices with respect to core shell particles gives the analyst the ability to accelerate analysis and increase resolution over "traditional" 3μm and 5μm particles even on normal 400bar systems.

Fortis SpeedCore® columns can be used in HPLC and UHPLC and are available in six phase chemistries. Fortis SpeedCore® BIO columns can be used for separating peptides and proteins. They are available in four phase chemistries.

Fortis UniverSil®

UniverSil® HPLC columns are a suitable economical alternative to many of the older brands on the marketplace from Macherey- Nagel, Hypersil and Waters. Many of the phases have very similar physical characteristics meaning that UniverSil® will provide similar selectivity and resolution as your current chromatography. You can use UniverSil® to upgrade your method in terms of peak shape, robustness and reproducibility, or just to provide an economical alternative to your current column. UniverSil® silica is a new Type B silica meaning improved peak shape and improved lifetime.

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