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Funke Gerber

Funke Gerber was founded in 1904. This company develops and produces numerous laboratory equipment and applicable accessories all over the world. The analytics-shop.com offers multitudinous products of Funke Gerber, e. g. all required devices for Gerber lipid assay like centrifuges or water baths. PH-meters and general laboratory equipment are also available at our shop. The most important application areas are milk and whey industries as well as beer testing.

Funke Gerber
Funke Gerber

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Funke Gerber LactoStar and LactoFlash

Funke Gerber’s wide-ranging product assortment covers “LactoStar” and “LactoFlash” – devices for milk analysis. Another particular device from the company’s portfolio is “CryoStar”, a device to determine the freezing point. LactoStar is a chemical milk analysis device with fully automatic cleaning and rinsing system and zero point calibration for the fast and accurate testing of milk. Different parameters, like fat, protein, lactose, SNF and minerals/conductance can be determined quickly and reliably with just one measurement. LactoFlash is an inexpensive alternative for the fast and accurate determination of fat and SNF content. The pump (wear-part) can be replaced easily without the use of tools.

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