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Hirschmann, a company well known for innovative developments, is characterized by outstanding inventions for pharmaceutical and medical problem solutions, which are complementing the multifaceted assortment of peristaltic pumps, precision capillaries, microscopy equipment, etc. Precisely these products, as well as microplates, laboratory glass and cleaner can now be found in the analytics-shop.com.


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Hirschmann burettes

A burette is a calibrated glass tube with a scale and a ground valve at the lower end. Valves are available in different types and shapes and are used in titration for quantitative measurement of small volumes of liquid. We offer high quality glassware by Hirschmann, such as micro burettes and digital burettes as well as titration apparatus.

Hirschmann pipetus® - Pipetting Aids for Laboratories

Pipette holder for pipetus by Hirschmann are the result of many years of experience, innovative technology and high-quality materials. The absorption and release of the media is handled by pushing a button. Precise meniscus adjustments are made possible by fine-tuning valves with ceramic compound valve pins. These valves are wear-resistant and of maximum chemical resistance. For both filling and blowing out, pumping and suction speed can be selected within five precisely coordinated power stages. The integrated color display shows pipetting mode, speed levels and charge level of the battery. The battery can be recharged contactless and microprocessor-controlled with an inductive charging station. The ergonomic shape of the pipetus supports fatigue-free working.

Hirschmann Liquid Handling: Dispensing Equipment and Dispensers

The product ceramus® diplays Hirschmann’s longstanding experience in liquid handling perfected up to the very last detail. A graduated gauge and digital-locking volume adjustment ensure a consistently precise and user-independent reproducible volume output. The dosing piston made of high-purity aluminum oxide ceramic and the DURAN glass cylinder guarantee a high degree of chemical and thermal resistance for Hirschmann ceramus products and dispensers. As a result permanent dimensional accuracy of the volume-determining parts and superior operating convenience are ensured. The piston is perfectly fit, can be easily operated with little effort and maintains its functional safety over its entire service life. Due to the high-quality materials used for all media-carrying parts, ceramus can be applied in a temperature range of 4 ° C to 50 ° C. The device is steam-sterilizable at 121 ° C.

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