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The IKA group is an international renowned merchant of laboratory equipment with locations on four continents. One of the most popular costumers are BASF, Bayer and Procter & Gambler. The product range available at the analytics-shop.com ranges from magnetic stirrers and heating bathes to rotation evaporators and centrifuges, which are essential parts of every laboratory equipment.


IKA Magnetic Stirrers

IKA magnetic stirrers are the world's best-selling professional magnetic stirrers. IKA offers the ideal magnetic stirrer for your application, either with or without heating capabilities or used with open or closed vessels. With the help of a contact thermometer they can precisely and effectively regulate the set temperature. IKA magnetic stirrers require only little energy, are functional, safe and long-living.

IKA Shakers

IKA offers the perfect lab shakers for mixing and shaking tasks. Orbital shakers and horizontal shakers are available as well as the innovative incubator shaker KS 4000. Its precise temperature control makes the incubator shaker a reliable asset in every lab. IKA products boast speeds of up to 3,000 revolutions per minute during continuous operations. Integrated end point positioning allows for automated sampling. Further, a digital display, timer function, and controlling options via the lab software Labworldsoft ensure ideal working conditions. An extensive array of attachments enables the use of vessels in every shape and size.

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