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With more than 5.000 employees in 15 countries Kautex is one of the 100 highest-selling automotive suppliers in the world. Besides this company Kautex also produces high quality containers and packagings made of synthetics. The basic container products with a volume from 10 µl up to 60 l for laboratory and chemical-technical applications can now also be found in the analytics-shop.com.


Kautex Bottles

The Kautex division 'Kautex Packaging' offers high quality bottles and containers made of plastic. Kautex narrow neck bottles are flexible, squeezable, leakproof and with good shape-retaining properties. These bottles are also available with dropper cap or wash bottle closure. The wide neck opening of wide neck bottles means that the bottles are easy to fill and clean and these bottles are ideal for liquids, pastes and granulates. They are also available as laboratory safety wash bottles as well as in brown color to protect light sensitive materials against UV-light-transmission.

Opti-Rib® HYPDE-Canisters

Kautex canisters follow the patented Opti-Rib® construction, which is characterized by increased stability by means of reinforced inner ribs in the corners of the canisters. The labeling area is also stabilized by the Opti-rib® technology, whereby the weight of the canisters remains the same. Kautex canisters are available in numerous sizes from 2 l to 30 l and are suitable for various applications.

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