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Merck has a long tradition and rich history in the pharmaceutical industry. Items for research and biotechnology from the Merck Millipore division are also available at analytics-shop.com. All product lines of Merck stand for innovation, premium quality and reliability. The Analytics Shop is one of the few authorized dealers of Merck and can offer a large selection of excellent products at affordable prices. We stock various HPLC columns of Merck, cartridges and a great range of lab supplies.


HPLC Columns

You can choose from a large number of various precolumns, guard columns, UHPLC columns, cartridges with all packing materials like Chromolith, Hibar, Aluspher, Zic Hilic columns, Sequant, Merck Purospher or Superspher, etc.

Furthermore we stock many consumables and spare parts (HPLC lamps, D2 Lamps, detectors) for the equipment of Merck-Hitachi, which today no longer is part of the Merck Group. Since the earliest days of chromatography Merck has developed many products, which have counted as milestones in the historical development of chromatography technology. Today Merck is the market leader in liquid chromatography and is dedicated to the development of bio chromatography and sorbents, analytical and preparative columns.

Merck solvents for HPLC

Solvents for HPLC are essential in any laboratory. At Analytics-Shop.com LiChrosolv and Prepsolv solvents are available at exceptional low prices. These solvents are manufactured using specially selected raw materials and purified in a multi-stage process with the highest batch-to batch consistency. Thus LiChrosolv HPLC solvents are able to completely eliminate any trace contamination which may cause inaccurate results when using UV or fluorescence detectors. Prepsolv® solvents are tailored to facilitate scale-up from analytical to preparative separations. With their special characteristic e. g. of low residue on evaporation, this solvent quality ensures optimal product yield and column protection.


Merck is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of thin-layer chromatography (TLC). A great variety of layers can be used in TLC which makes this method of analysis highly flexible and selective. At analytics-shop.com we offer numerous TLC-plates with different basic materials formats, materials and pore sizes. Please have a look here for TLC accessories.

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