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Merck Millipore has been a reliable partner for all chromatography users within the last 50 years. Ongoing innovation and the highest quality are essential parts of Merck Millipore´s corporate philosophy. Since 2010 Millipore belongs to Merck, an internationally operating pharmaceutical and chemical company. The brand Merck Millipore covers all life science and bio-technological activities in that context. Profit now from the special conditions offered at analytics-shop.com, one of few authorised dealers in Germany.


HPLC Columns by Merck Millipore

You can choose from a large number of various HPLC columns, guard columns, UHPLC columns, cartridges with all packing materials like Chromolith, Hibar, Aluspher, Zic Hilic columns, Sequant, Merck Purospher or Superspher, etc. Furthermore we stock many consumables and spare parts (HPLC lamps, D2 Lamps, detectors) for the equipment of Merck-Hitachi, which today no longer is part of the Merck Group. Since the earliest days of chromatography Merck has developed many products, which have counted as milestones in the historical development of chromatography technology. Today Merck is the market leader in liquid chromatography and is dedicated to the development of bio chromatography and sorbents, analytical and preparative columns.

Merck Millipore solvents for HPLC

To achieve reliable and reproducible results within a short time, it is particularly important to not only use high-quality HPLC columns, but also equivalent solvents in the analytical chromatography, so users of high performance liquid chromatography can rely on their results and the reliable reproducibility of the results. Merck Millipore offers two different solvents for instrumental analysis: LiChrosolv and Prepsolv. The former is particularly suitable for applications in the analytical high performance liquid chromatography, for the fast chromatography and more recently for the LC-MS method. The latter is designed for preparative chromatography.

LiChrosolv offers a number of advantages such as enormous time and cost savings through quality-related high reproducibility of the analytical results or the optimal peak baseline separation. Furthermore, this solvents series of Millipore scores with a documented UV-suitability and is also suitable for fluorescence detection and MS detection.
Prepsolv has a recognized high quality and maximum reproducibility of results and is available in flexible, user-friendly package sizes.

The solvents from Merck Millipore are available as gradient grade, hypergrade and LC-MS grade.


Merck is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of thin-layer chromatography (TLC). A great variety of layers can be used in TLC which makes this method of analysis highly flexible and selective. At analytics-shop.com we offer numerous TLC-plates with different basic materials formats, materials and pore sizes. Please have a look here for TLC accessories.

Merck Millipore Filters

Both syringe filters as well as membrane filters of Merck Millipore are characterized by upmarket manufacturing and high reproducibility of results. Syringe filters are available in our shop in the following materials: MCE, PA, PES, PTFE, PTFE/GC and PVDF. Materials like MCE, PA, PC, PES, PTFE and PVDF are used for Merck Millipore membrane filters.

Millex filters

The quality Millex filter by Merck Millipore are suitable for sterile filtration, filtration at high particle load, as ventilation or gas filter, the general filtration and chromatography.

Under the Millex filter series Millipore produced
sterile filter with a pore size of 0.22 microns or smaller for applications in the field of sterile filtration. These come in use in biological solutions, tissue culture media and media additives or buffers. The users can choose between the Millipore Express (PES), which is distinguished by high flow rate and low protein binding, the Durapore (PVDF) with extremely low protein binding and the mixed cellulose ester (MCE) for general applications which binds protein contaminants simultaneously. Last part of the range of Millex filter is the Millipore LCR (hydrophilic PTFE) with its broad chemical compatibility. The filters are produced as standard with 25 mm or 33 mm (new) which brings greater throughput and a higher flow rate with it.

For a filtration at high particle load the HPF Millex filter, a graduated prefilter and a membrane filter for the filtration of solutions with high particulate loading with large throughput is. Those filters find application in the wine analysis, general particle removal and sample preparation for chromatography. The membrane filter are made of either nylon, which has a broad chemical compatibility or Durapore (PVDF) - this is the membrane with the smallest protein binding on the market. The housing of the filter is made of HDPE, which is compatible with the most commonly used solvents. Not only with their procurement the graduated fiberglass prefilter and membrane filter can score: the high-quality filter managed to resolve a multivitamin tablet overnight and filter it at 0.3
bar - quick results do not take long with these filters.

In chromatography, the filtration is carried out as a regularly application. For this purpose, users require non-sterile filter with a small proportion of extractables for the removal of small particles having a pore size of 0.2 or 0.22 micron; also for clarification before the instrumental analysis these conditions are indispensable. Millipore provides for general particulate removal, HPLC, IC and GC a series of high-class membrane filters: Durapore (PVDF) for easy organic solutions at extremely low protein binding, membrane filter made of nylon for aqueous and organic solutions, Millipore LCR (hydrophilic PTFE) for aqueous and weak organic solutions and Fluoropore (hydrophobic PTFE) of organic solvents.

For more information on the individual product areas of Merck Millipore or details on certain items, you can always feel free to contact us - we're here to help!

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