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Nalgene Thermo Scientific

Nalgene Labware, a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific, includes a wide range of high quality laboratory products such as durable, break-resistant bottles, beakers, tubes and many other general labware for your laboratory applications.

Nalgene Thermo Scientific
Nalgene Thermo Scientific

Main Categories

Nalgene Thermo Scientific Filtration Units

Filtration equipment and filtration units from Nalgene guarantee fast and reliable filtration when testing water, food and beverages as well as raw materials and final products. Nalgene offers a wide range of culture vessels, sera, media, reagents and devices. This product group includes sterile analytical filter funnels, the reusable filter funnel with clamp, the standard analysis filter funnel, the polysulfone filter holder with funnel, sterile analysis filter units, reusable bottle top filters made of polysulfone and reusable filter holders with a filtrate bottle.

Nalgene synthetic bottles and packaging units

Nalgene Thermo Scientific produces bottles and leak-proof packaging units exclusively made of high-quality synthetic resins. For pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications, Nalgene's plastic bottles are particularly suitable - the bottles ensure the highest available chemical and thermal resistance. The products are characterized by excellent leak-proof seals with screw caps, which have an anti-twist thread to ensure sample integrity. Highly polished casting molds guarantee the user maximum sample visibility and sample recovery. The product portfolio includes production-, special-, dripping- and narrow mouth bottles.

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