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Nunc Thermo Scientific

With the brand Nunc, Thermo Fisher offers a wide range of products such as petri dishes, plates, cryotubes, tubes, microplates and cryovials. Nunc products are particularly suitable for use in bioprocessing and the food and beverage industry.

Nunc Thermo Scientific
Nunc Thermo Scientific

Main Categories

Cryo Products by Nunc Thermo Scientific

Nunc offers users a wide range of cryogenic products and matching accessories. The cryo tubes offer the highest quality and most reliable sample storage options for research, cell culture, biobanks and other valuable samples. Furthermore contains the Nunc range required tools for sample identification, sample storage efficient and safe sample handling. The cryotubes branded Nunc guarantee safe storage, structuring and obtaining and reliable temperature storage of your samples. This product line includes universal tubes, cryotubes for long-term storage, special cryo tubes for biobanks and cell cultures as well as tubes with a linear barcode.

Multitray Systems by Nunc Thermo Scientific

With the multitray systems by Nunc Thermo Scientific you achieve a simple upscaling of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies or pharmaceuticals. It is applicated as a compact, multi-layer disposable cell culture systems for easy automation of your cell culture processes. The product range offers versatile, user-friendly systems for research projects or commercial production at reduced risk of contamination. This range includes the Nunc Cell Factory fumigated active systems, the standard version Nunc Cell Factory systems, Nunc EasyFill Cell Factory systems, Nunc starter pack for cell culture systems as well as matching accessories.

For the automation of your multitray
Nunc Thermo Scientific offers various automation solutions for Thermo Scientific Nunc When stacking systems - these include an automatic multitray manipulator, a CO2 incubator, shaker and shelving systems. These products are all compatible with a trolley. The various product groups include Nunc Cell Factory Hand Manipulator Sytems, which control the manual filling and emptying of the cell culture systems that Nunc Automatic Cell Factory Manipulator System (ACFM), Nunc Cell Factory racks and trolleys where several Nunc cell culture systems can be stored, and the Nunc Cell Factory incubators and shaker systems.

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