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Oxoid Deutschland

Oxoid  (a subsidiary of Thermo Fisher Scientific ) is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of microbiological culture media and other diagnostic products. With their wide range of products such as Ready-to-Use Media, Ready Poured Plates, Ready Bags andd Drybags they support fast and efficient workflow in microbiology in both clinical and industrial sectors. As an official dealer of Oxoid we  provide all microbiological products by Oxoid in our shop.

Oxoid Deutschland
Oxoid Deutschland

Main Categories

Cell Culture Media by Oxoid

Oxoid ™ has being developing innovative culture media and setting standards with theire technical expertise and experience for many years. They are world-renowned culture media expert. All food microbiology solutions are designed with a deep understanding of the unique needs of the food testing laboratory to meet your microbiological food safety and quality requirements. From culture media and real-time PCR to quality control organisms, they offer the comprehensive workflow solutions for microbiology.

Ready-Poured Plates & Perti-Dishes

Oxoid ™ Ready-poured plates and perti dishes are used for cultivation, isolation, identification, and containment of different media cultures. Pre-poured plates are available in different variants and petri-dish sizes according to your needs: from VRB to WL Agar. Packaging formats comply with all industry sector regulations.

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