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Rheodyne has been a subsidiary of IDEX Corporation since 2002. IDEX Corporation, IDEX derived from "Innovation, Diversity and Excellence" is a stock market-listed company dedicated to the development and manufacture of fluid systems and special products in the field of fire extinguishing systems as well as hydraulic rescue equipment. Rheodyne products are suitable for a wide range of analytical instruments and in vitro diagnostic systems. In addition to Rheodyne, other well-known subsidiaries, such as Upchurch, belong to IDEX Corporation.


Main Categories

Rheodyne Injectors, Sample Loops and Accessories

Rheodyne products are designed as advanced fluid-handling solutions for analytical instrumentation and in vitro diagnostic systems. Rheodyne injectors are characterized by their top-quality low- and high-pressure fluid valves, automated sample injectors, fluid switching platforms and associated products.

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