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The company schuett-biotec, which can be seen as an independent spin-off of Schuett Labortechnik GmbH, has been a manufacturer of equipment for biotechnology, microbiology and molecular biology for several years. The fabricated on-premise equipment and consumables for the lab are distributed globally in a variety of countries. This manufacturer is not only characterized by high-quality products for laboratories, but also by its exceptionally good customer service. Schuett-biotec manufactures and develops small series and one-offs according to special customer requirements.

The product range of schuett-biotec includes:

  • cuvettes
  • inoculation loop sterilizers for more safety in the lab
  • test plates
  • suction systems
  • anaerobic jars, especially for the microbiological industry and cell culture
  • burner, e.g. gas safety burner
  • incubators such as the incubation roller bottle incubator

and much more. In the Analytics-Shop we offer a wide selection of high-quality products by schuett-biotec.


Schuett-Biotec has a wide range of laboratory products. The company for laboratory products, based in Göttingen, supplies labs with equipment, consumables and accessories for the field of microbiology, such as anaerobic glasses, beverage cups, beakers etc. in its product portfolio. In addition, the company has burners, laboratory furniture, microscopes, cuvettes, tubing and plates as well as test plates in its assortment. Through regular quality controls, Schuett-Biotec ensures that only the highest quality products are made available to users from a wide range of industries.

Burner by Schuett-Biotec

In addition to the products already mentioned, the German company offers a wide range of burners for laboratories in any industry. In this category, Schuett-Biotec carries various burners for different applications. Users can choose between the standard model, the accu model or the eco model, depending on the individual requirements. In addition to the burners you will find numerous accessories from the manufacturer such as adapters, replacement nozzles and much more.

The burners by Schuett-Biotec offer users easy operation by means of manual operation, foot switch or movement sensor. They have an easy-to-read color display and a unique joystick navigation for convenient operation of the device. In order to guarantee safety in the laboratory the burner has an automatic safety cut-off when not in use as well as a flame and ignition monitoring. Lastly, the burner is equipped with an overheating protection or a burner control glow via sensors, which display a warning message on the display.

Sterilizers by Schuett-Biotec

The product portfolio of the manufacturer also includes various laboratory devices such as colony counters, inoculation loop sterilizers and beverage dispensers. In particular, the inoculation loop sterilizer is very popular in laboratories in any industry. It can be used as an alternative to the burner if open flames are not desired at the place of application or a central gas supply would break the budget. The sterilizer only requires a local power source and is immediately ready to use as it does not require a pre-heating time - so users can save time and money. Other functions of the vaccination loop sterilizer include the integrated timer and the IR sensor, which detects the inoculation loop and starts the sterilization process directly.

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