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Shiseido is an internationally established, japanese manufacturer of cosmetic products in the luxury segment, founded in 1872. With Shiseido HPLC this company has also distributed packing materials for liquid chromatography for a couple of years. Especially silicium polymers made Shiseido become that successful. At analytics-shop.com you can find more than 1 400 HPLC columns of Shiseido. Please use our HPLC Column configurator to find the column you are looking for within a few mouse clicks.


Main Categories

CAPCELL CORE ultra-shielded UHPLC & HPLC columns

Shiseido’s Capcell Pak UHPLC & HPLC columns are equipped with ultra-shielded silica gel based on the unique silicone polymer coating technology. This technology reduces free silanol groups that trigger unwanted peak tailing, thereby combining the advantages of the silica and polymer columns. Capcell Pak columns can also be used under unfavorable conditions and are stable at a pH of 1-10.

Capcell Pak ADME and Capcell Core ADME

Shiseido Capcell Pak ADME and Capcell Core ADME columns are characterized by being the first column to use adamantane as a functional group in chromatography. Adamantane has high hydrophobicity and surface polarity, which makes selectivity particularly suitable for metabolites. The term ADME refers to the known pharmacokinetic abbreviation for absorption - distribution - metabolism - excretion.

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