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Sigma-Aldrich from the US is one of the largest producers and distributors of chemicals and laboratory equipment items worldwide. Founded in 1934 the company Sigma was merged in 1976 with the company Aldrich to form the global corporation Sigma-Aldrich. The product portfolio of Sigma-Aldrich contains over 230,000 reagents and chemicals, and 40,000 analytical and laboratory equipment items. As an official Platinum-Dealer we offer the whole portfolio of laboratory chemicals and laboratory equipment items from Sigma-Aldrich at attractive prices.

Sigma Aldrich

Sigma-Aldrich Trademarks

To the consortium Sigma-Aldrich also belong the trademarks Sigma® Life Science, Fluka® Analytical, Supelco® Analytical, Aldrich® Chemistry, Aldrich® Materials Science and SAFC® which are all specialized in different product areas.

Sigma-Aldrich Chemicals

The brands Fluka® Analytical and Supelco® Analytical and Aldrich® Chemistry produce chemical products, for e.g.  chromatographic and spectroscopic applications. The variety of chemicals embodies the wide breadth of analytical possibilities and syntheses, chemicals and reagents from Sigma-Aldrich allow. The focus is on the highest possible quality, which is the basis for reliable and reproducible synthesis, and measuring results.
To give you an insight into the wide-ranging offer, you will see in the following selected examples of the Sigma-Aldrich product portfolio:

  • Aids and bases
  • Solvents
  • Chiral catalysts for the asymmetrically catalysis
  • Metal and non-metal catalysts
  • Basic materials for the synthesis of organic substances
  • Basic building blocks for the synthesis of biochemical molecules
  • Antibodies, biochemical reagents, buffer
Please note that we distribute chemicals only in germany and individuals can not be supplied.

Sigma-Aldrich Analytical and Chromatography Products

In addition to chemicals, especially products for chemical analysis, especially for chromatography and spectroscopy, are considered to be pioneer in the fields of measurement accuracy and reproducibility apply. These are sold mainly under the trade names Fluka® Analytical and Supelco® Analytical. Examples from these product areas  are a.o.:

  • Analytical standards
  • Columns for gas- and liquid-chromatography
  • Packing materials, adsorbents, spare parts and accessories for gas- and liquid-chromatography
  • Products for sample preparation and enrichment, e.g. for the flash chromatography or solid phase extraction
  • Products for all types of spectroscopy (AAS, ICP-OES / MS, IR, ESR, EPR, a.o.)
  • Products for mass spectroscopy (MS)
  • Produke for elemental analysis

If you do not find anything in your search for suitable chemicals, laboratory or measuring equipment, do not hesitate to contact us personally. Our friendly and experienced team will help you with any questions, requests or problems at your disposal!

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