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Find all Supelco™ Analytical products such as Ascentis HPLC columns and GC columns at Analytics-Shop. As a specialist dealer for chromatography and analytics, we can offer you independent advice and technical expertise.

Supelco™ Analytical is the chromatography division of Sigma Aldrich (affiliate company of Merck since 2015) and has been in business for more than 50 years. Supelco offers analytical scientists an extensive selection of HPLC, chiral, GC columns, SPE products and materials, chemical standards and many more supplies. At Analytics-Shop we offer mainly the HPLC, GC columns and precolumns portfolio of Supelco. In the catalogues at the bottom of the page you will find more information about the Supelco product portfolio.


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Top Products of Supelco


Supelco Chemicals

Like the brand Fluka® Analytical, Supelco® Analytical manufactures products for analytical chemistry. In our range of Supelco chemicals, you will find around 800 products such as reagents and standards you need for chromatography, microbiology, spectroscopy, titration or electrochemistry. The product range includes high-purity acids, bases and solvents as well as special reagents for a variety of analytical applications such as ionophores, Karl Fischer titration and derivatization reagents.

Supelco HPLC & UHPLC columns

Supelco offers analysts a variety of different columns for HPLC and UHPLC for different applications. Among Supelco's best-known product lines are Ascentis® and Ascentis Express®, BIOshell™, Supelcosil™, Supelcogel™, Discovery® and Astec®. At Analytics-Shop you can find these brands and many more from Supelco.

GC columns by Supelco

Supelco developed its first packed GC column back in 1966. Since then, Supelco has continuously expanded its GC column range and offers columns for a wide variety of industries. Established Supelco brands such as Astec®, Carbopack®, Supelcowax® and SLB® can be found in our Analytics Shop.

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