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Testo AG is the world market leader in the field of portable and stationary measuring technology. The company has its roots in Germany and develops and produces all over the world to find innovative solutions in measuring technology. For more than 55 years Testo has been a specialist for accurate and user-friendly measurement systems. 


pH measuring devices for different media

Many chemical and biochemical reactions depend directly on the pH value, which therefore functions as an important indicator. With Testo pH value meters (e.g. testo 205 with convenient one-hand operation), you can adjust the pH value in both semi-solid media, e.g. Meat, as well as in viscoplastic media (e.g. with testo 206-pH2) such as jelly and cheese, and in liquids, e.g. Milk and water. Testo 206-pH1 is ideal for pH measurement in liquids and Testo 206-pH3 is universally applicable.

Temperature measurement

Testo offers the entire range of perfectly calibrated and standard measurement instruments to meet any individual requirement in the food and pharmaceutical industry, in the laboratory and in the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Measuring devices for temperature measurements on surfaces, infrared temperature measurements on surfaces, air temperature measurements and immersion plunger measurements are available in the Analytics shop.

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