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Upchurch Scientific

Upchurch Scientific, a subsidiary of IDEX Health & Science, offers a large product range including fittings, tubing, filters, degassers, flow control accessories, HPLC columns and guard columns. Upchurch Scientific features 2 500 chromatography and fluid transfer components for analytical, biotech, and diagnostic instrument applications. You can find all products of this manufacturer in the analytics-shop.com, besides the whole assortment of all other well-known manufacturers.

Upchurch Scientific
Upchurch Scientific

Upchurch Scientific HPLC Columns

The analytics-shop.com carries all HPLC columns and HPLC lab supplies such as fittings of the manufacturer Upchurch Scientific. If you seek to compare HPLC columns of this company with those of other producers, you can use our HPLC column configurator, in which all producers (Agilent, Waters, Thermo, etc.) are represented.

Upchurch Scientific HPLC Accessories

Upchurch Scientific is a major manufacturer of HPLC accessories. The range includes capillaries and tubes, fittings, HPLC ferrules and sample loops. If you have questions about specific products, please feel free to contact us.

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