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Rtx-35 capillary column 30m, 0.32mm ID, 0.50µ

Rtx-35 capillary column 30m, 0.32mm ID, 0.50µ

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Rtx-35 capillary column 30m, 0.32mm ID, 0.50µ

Manufacturer: Restek
item no.: RE10439

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PAK (1 pc)

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  • Germany


Rtx®-35 Columns (,fused silica),

(,midpolarity phase, Crossbond® diphenyl dimethyl polysiloxane),

  • General-purpose columns for organochlorine pesticides, PCB congeners (,e.g., Aroclor mixes),, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, sterols, rosin acids, phthalate esters.
  • Temperature range: 40 °C to 320 °C.
  • Equivalent to USP G42 phase.

Similar Phase(,s),: HP-35, DB-35, ZB-35

An Rtx®-35 column is a popular confirmation column for pesticides and herbicides, in conjunction with an Rtx®-5 or Rtx®-1701 column. The higher phenyl content causes useful elution order and retention time changes.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Restek
Film thickness 0,5 μm
inner diameter 0,32 mm
length 30 m
packing 35% Diphenyl / 65% Dimethylpolysiloxan
column description Rtx-35
category Restek GC columns

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