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In many cases sample preparation is the most time-consuming, but such an important work step. Clean processes and correctly treated samples are essential. Therefore the Analytics-Shop offers all products of the world-leading manufacturers, whose assortment is known for their high and constant quality.
Here you find a large selection of filters, SPE cartrdiges, syringes, vials and caps as well as valves. Among others the products by J. T. Baker, Pall, Merck Millipore and Whatman are represented. 

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Sample Preparation


Analytics-Shop offers a wide range of filters, among others categorized in syringe filters, membrane filters, glass fiber filters and filter papers. Caused by the high quality of the materials all provided producers, as well as the home brand Altmann, are mode of, we garantuee quality, reproducebility and uniformity for all filters.

Solid-Phase-Extraction (SPE) became a part of the daily work in modern laboratories. You can find all products for SPE at Analytics-Shop.com, such as SPE cartridges and SPE equipment and accessories. Among many others are Agilent Technologies, Grace, J.T.Baker, Macherey-Nagel, Merck and Whatman add to our selection.

We offer different types of syringes (GC Syringes, HPLC Syringes), needles and syringe accessoires for sample preparation. In our shop you can find syringes of Hamilton, Thermo Fisher, SGE, Varian, Grace and Vici Valco.

In the area of sample preparation we deliver a broad spectrum of Vials and Caps for sample preparation by many brands. 

Further we offer complete Vials-Caps Sets and Accessories for Vials and Caps. Besides our own Altmann Analytik brand (made in Germany) we offer products by Aglient, Grace,Sartorius, Thermo Fisher, Waters and YMC.

At Analytics-Shop.com you can find all valves of the brand leader in this category, Vici Valco. GC Valves, HPLC Valves as well as other valves are available.

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