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Filtration products by Merck

At Analytics-Shop you find a large selection of membrane filters and syringe filters by Merck Millipore. We offer a broad variety of different filter membranes of high quality, e.g. Merck Millipore millex syringe filters and ominpore or isopore membrane filters by Merck Millipore. Material, diameter and pore size can be selected via the drop-down menu on the left.

If you need any help in selecting our products, please feel free to contact us. We will help you to find the right filter for your personal laboratory needs.

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Merck Millipore Filters

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  1. Millipore

    Syringe Filter, Millex HV, PVDF, 33 mm, 0,45 µm, 1000/pk

    In Stock
  2. Millipore

    HPC Red Test Sampler 25/pk

    SKU: MPMHPC10025
    In Stock
  3. Millipore

    Amicon Ultra-15, PLBC Ultracel-PL Membrane, 3kDa

    SKU: MPUFC900324
  4. Millipore

    Amicon Ultra 0.5ml Vials

    SKU: MPUFC50VL96
    In Stock
  5. Millipore

    Syringe Filter, Millex LS, PTFE, 25 mm, 5,00 µm

  6. Millipore

    Nylon Net Filter, Hydrophilic, 10 µm, 47 mm

    SKU: MPNY1004700
  7. Millipore

    Amicon Ultra-0.5, Ultracel-3 Membrane, 3kDa

    SKU: MPUFC500396
  8. Millipore

    Nylon Net Filter, Hydrophilic, 10 µm, 90 mm

    SKU: MPNY1009000
  9. Sartorius

    Nutrient pad, 0.45µm, 47mm membrane filter

    Regular Price: €193.00

    Special Price €187.21

    SKU: ST14049-47-N
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The following table gives an overview about the different filter types and the specific lables of each producer.

Syringe Filter

Material         Whatman           Sartorius                   Pall                             Millipore           
CA Puradisc CA Minisart NML    
GF Whatman GD/X Minisart GF Acrodisc GF  
PA Puradisc PA  Minisart NY  Acrodisc PA Millex
PES Puradisc PES Minisart PES Acrodisc PES Millipore Express 
PTFE Puradisc PTFE Minisart SRP  Acrodisc PTFE  Millipore LCR 
PVDF Puradisc PVDF   Acrodisc PVDF  Durapore 
RC Whatman Spartan  Minisart RC     


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