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At Analytics-Shop.com you find a great selection of high quality GC autosampler syringes, HPLC autosampler syringes and manual syringes. We also offer needles by various manufacturers. More syringes for chromatography applications which are not covered by any of these categories, you find here. We stock syringes by Agilent Technologies, Hamilton, Grace and many more. You may also find it helpful to use advanced search to find the wanted products.

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Other Syringes

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  1. Altmann Analytik

    Einmalspritzen 10 ml, DEHP-frei, PVC-frei, latexfrei, 100Stk. /Pkg.

    Regular Price: €15.50

    Special Price €12.40

    SKU: AA302020
    In Stock
  2. Altmann Analytik

    Einmalspritze 20ml Luer Ansatz, exzentrisch, 100 St./Pack

    SKU: AAA302030
    In Stock
  3. Megro & Co. KG

    Einmalspritzen, steril, 30ml, 50 Stk/Pkg

    SKU: MO4300.000D0
  4. Thermo Fisher Scientific


    SKU: TF36500525
    In Stock
  5. Altmann Analytik

    20 ml Luer-Slip Plastic Disposable Syringe, 100/pac

    SKU: AAV31473517
  6. Altmann Analytik

    5 ml Luer-Lok Plastic Disposable Syringe, 100/pac

    SKU: AAV16473511
  7. Altmann Analytik

    10ml Spritze, unsteril, Luer-Lock, gepackt á 100 pieces

    SKU: AAV21473512
  8. Altmann Analytik

    10ml Luer-Slip Plastic Disposable Syringe, 100/pac

    SKU: AAV21473516
  9. Altmann Analytik

    20ml Spritze, unsteril, Luer-Lock, gepackt á 100 Stück

    SKU: AAV31473513
  10. Agilent Technologies

    Needle, G1313A Autosampler

    SKU: AGG1313-87201
    In Stock
  11. Thermo Fisher Scientific


    SKU: TF36503006
  12. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    10µl RSH FN Syr 57mm Length 23sG

    SKU: TF365D0271
  13. Altmann Analytik

    Einmalspritzen 2 ml, steril, Luer-Konus, 100Stk/Pkg

    SKU: AA302000
  14. Altmann Analytik

    Einmalspritzen 5 ml,steril, Luer-Konus, 2-teilig, 100Stk/Pkg

    SKU: AA302010
    In Stock
  15. Agilent Technologies

    Premium Syringe Flter PTFE 0.45 4mm 100 pcs.

    SKU: AG5190-5083
  16. Agilent Technologies

    Premium Syringe Flter RegnCell .45 4mm 100 pcs.

    SKU: AG5190-5107
  17. Agilent Technologies

    ALS Syringe, 10 µl tapered, fixed needle, 23-26s/42/cone

    SKU: AG5181-1267
    In Stock
  18. Agilent Technologies

    Syringe, 5µl tapered, FN 23-26s/42/HP

    SKU: AG5181-1273
  19. Agilent Technologies

    ALS Syringe, 10µl tapered, fixed needle, PTFE-tipped plunger, 23-26s/42/cone

    SKU: AG5181-3354
    In Stock
  20. Agilent Technologies

    ALS Syringe, 10µL tapered, fixed needle, 23-26s/42/cone, 6 pcs.

    SKU: AG5181-3360
  21. Agilent Technologies

    Syr. 5µl tapered, FN 23-26s/42/HP, 6 pcs.

    SKU: AG5181-8810
  22. Agilent Technologies

    Needle 0.32mm on-column/5µl syringe 3 pcs.

    SKU: AG5182-0831
  23. Agilent Technologies

    Syringe, 5µl on-column RN, barrel only

    SKU: AG5182-0836
  24. Agilent Technologies

    Syringe, 10.0 uL, FN, bevel tip

    SKU: AG5190-1483
  25. Agilent Technologies

    Syringe 50.0 µl FNLC tip

    SKU: AG5190-1501
  26. Agilent Technologies

    Syringe 250µl RN 23/42/cone SHM

    SKU: AG8001-0013
  27. Agilent Technologies

    Syringe, 10 µL, straight, fixed needle, 23/42/cone

    SKU: AG9301-0713
  28. Agilent Technologies

    Syringe 10µl straight, FN 23/42/HP, 6 pcs.

    SKU: AG9301-0725
  29. Agilent Technologies

    Syringe, 5µl straight, FN 23/42/HP

    SKU: AG9301-0892
  30. Agilent Technologies

    Syringe, 10µl PTFE tip, FN 23-26/42/HP

    SKU: AGG4513-80203
  31. Macherey-Nagel

    Disposable Syringe10 mL

    SKU: MN729102
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