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Tablet dissolution is a standardized method to characterize drug release and dissolution behavior. An important goal is to ensure the quality of the pharmaceutical product. The therapeutic efficacy and the assessment of stability can be optimized by testing. The uniform product quality of the individual production processes can also be ensured and improved by regular tests. At Analytics-Shop you will find all the tools and accessories, including those for Agilent, Erweka and Sotax instruments. You will also find various products from our innovative partners QLA (Quality Lab Accessories) and ProSense with their brand "Dissolution Accessories" in our shop. Both manufacturers are ISO-certified and their products come with a certificate of conformity as standard. This guarantees a high quality. The products of QLA and ProSense are cheaper than the spare parts of the original manufacturers such as Agilent/Vankell, Distek, Erweka, Hanson and Sotax, which makes these manufacturers a qualitatively equivalent, cost-effective alternative. If you have any questions concerning products and applications, please contact us.

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Tablet Dissolution


Tools for Tablet Dissolution

The oldest method of tablet dissolution testing is the basket method. We stock a wide range of baskets and shafts with several mesh sizes available. At Analytics-Shop.com you also find all kinds of accessories needed for tablet dissolution tests. Further our offering includes various filters for tablet dissolution such as cannula filters, filter discs and filter tips. To guarantee the consistency and reliability of your test results, the use of validation and calibration tools is recommended. We offer tools like the wobble meter and the vibration meter and many more, to control all key variables in dissolution testing.