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In the area of sample preparation we deliver a broad spectrum of Vials and Caps for sample preparation by many brands.
Further we offer complete Vials-Caps Sets and Accessories for Vials and Caps.

Besides our own Altmann Analytik brand (made in Germany) we offer products by Aglient, Grace, Sartorius, Thermo Fisher, Waters and YMC.

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Vials and Caps


We supply almost 1000 different vials by all important producers. So you can find vials by:

  • Altmann Analytik
  • Aglient
  • Grace
  • Thermo Fisher
  • Vici Jour
  • Waters
  • Whatman

You will also see, that there are many different kinds of vials, like:

  • N8
  • N11
  • N13
  • N20
  • crimp neck
  • snap cap
  • short thread
  • Head Space
  • screw neck
  • plastic vials
  • gc vials
  • etc.

Further you can find all kinds of caps:

  • crimp caps
  • butyl caps
  • screw caps
  • short thread caps
  • Aluminium caps
  • push on caps
  • etc.

Furthermore we carry accessories for vials and caps like septa, crimping tools, micro inserts, clean pack, vial crimper, gc septa, chromatography accessories, agilent fid, decapper, vacuum varian.

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