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Closures are the already assembled combination of the cap and sealing disc. In order to carry out a correct analysis, it is important that the seal is also inert and uncontaminated, in addition to the sample bottle. Various closures, such as snap ring, roller edge, flanging or screw caps, are available for the sample bottles. In addition to the suitability of sample bottle and closure for the used autosampler, the personal preferences in handling are also decisive. Can the flanging or screwing of the vials be better integrated into the working process? Should the closed bottle be opened quickly and easily?


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Caps and Seals

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  1. Altmann Analytik

    ND11 Crimp Seals: Aluminum Cap clear lacquered + centre hole, RedRubber/PTFE beige, 1000/pac

    Regular Price: €112.77

    Special Price €78.94

    SKU: AAV22142986
    In Stock
  2. Kautex

    Screw closure/PP, black for container 750+1000 ml

    SKU: KA2000070754
    In Stock
  3. Altmann Analytik

    ND11 Crimp Seals: Aluminum Cap clear lacquered + centre hole, Silicone white/PTFE blue, cross-slitted, 1000/pac

    Regular Price: €514.49

    Special Price €360.14

    SKU: AAV22141575
    In Stock
  4. Macherey-Nagel

    SR N11-H, tr, Sil w/PTFE r, 55°, 1.0

    SKU: MN702710
    In Stock
  5. Duran Group

    Tamper-evident screw cap, blue, GL 45, 10 pc/PAK

    SKU: DU1017526
    In Stock
  6. Vici Jour

    Plug, PP, 1/4 -28, 10/pkg

    SKU: JR-072350-10
    In Stock
  7. Dinkelberg Analytics

    Steristopper 18 mm, Cellulose, 500/PAK

    SKU: HZ1011800
    In Stock
  8. Bürkle

    close-it maxi control seal, 150x150 mm, white, 250 pc/Rolle

    SKU: BÜ5303-1002
    In Stock
  9. Macherey-Nagel

    SC N9-H, bl, PTFEr/Sil w/PTFEr, 40°, 1.0

    SKU: MN702035
    In Stock
  10. IDL GmbH

    Head space caps, cap size 20mm 100 pcs.

    SKU: ID1200420260
    In Stock
  11. Macherey-Nagel

    SC N9-H, grn, RR or/FEP, 40°, 1.0

    SKU: MN702082
    In Stock
  12. Altmann Analytik

    ND20 Al crimp seal, blank roll., 1000/pac

    SKU: AAV31121519
    In Stock
  13. IDL GmbH

    Cork stopper, H x diam. top/bottommm 16x6x3 100 pcs.

    SKU: ID2400111010
    In Stock
  14. Duran Group

    Guko/EPDM, 36x22x15 mm 10 pc/PAK

    SKU: DU292022302
    In Stock
  15. Macherey-Nagel

    SC N9-H, tr, PTFEr/Sil w/PTFEr, 40°, 1.0

    SKU: MN702286
    In Stock
  16. IDL GmbH

    Cork stopper, H x diam. top/bottom mm 26x22x18 100 pcs.

    SKU: ID2400111170
    In Stock
  17. Macherey-Nagel

    SC N8-H, blk, Sil w/PTFE r, 40°, 1.3

    SKU: MN70245
    In Stock
  18. Kautex

    Spare hollow-bead closure/PP for bottles 250 ml

    SKU: KA2000083792
    In Stock
  19. Kautex

    Tamper-evident closure/PP, red for bottles 250...350 ml

    SKU: KA2000083783
    In Stock
  20. IDL GmbH

    Polystopper/PE, NS 19/26, 100pc/PAK

    SKU: ID2400391190
    In Stock
  21. Agilent Technologies

    Cap, snap, clear, solid polyethylene membrane septa, 100 pcs.

    SKU: AG5182-0542
    In Stock
  22. Duran Group

    Pouring ring/ETFE, red for DIN-thread GL 45, 10 pc/PAK

    SKU: DU292442802
    In Stock
  23. Waters

    Cap, 20-400 scr thrd, open top blk phen

    SKU: WT186001421
    In Stock
  24. Macherey-Nagel

    PE Plug N12-2, SV, tr

    SKU: MN702054
    In Stock
  25. Duran Group

    Plastic hose connector/PP straight, 9x5 mm, 10 pc/PAK

    SKU: DU292550603
    In Stock
  26. Waters

    Cap, 20-400 w/Cross Slit Septa, 100/pk

    SKU: WT186004632
    In Stock
  27. Aldrich


    SKU: SAZ106445-200EA
    In Stock
  28. Waters

    Cap-mat square plugs, sil/PTFE, Slit,5Pk

    SKU: WT186006335
    In Stock
  29. Duran Group

    Screw cap GL 25, 5 pc/PAK

    SKU: DU1129600
    In Stock
  30. Hirschmann

    Steril Stopper BIO-SILICO, orange, N32, 10 pc/PAK

    SKU: HI8905932
  31. Duran Group

    Pouring ring GLS 80, 10 pc/PAK

    SKU: DU1160166
    In Stock
  32. IDL GmbH

    Tamper-evident cap/PP thread GL 45K 10 pcs.

    SKU: ID1200853280
    In Stock
  33. IDL GmbH

    Cork stopper, H x diam. top/bottom mm 22x13x10 100 pcs.

    SKU: ID2400111080
    In Stock
  34. Macherey-Nagel

    CC N11-H, bl, NR/But or/TEF, 45°, 1.0

    SKU: MN70231.3
    In Stock
  35. Kautex

    Hollow-bead closure/PE-LD for bottles 50...200 ml

    SKU: KA2000070604
    In Stock
  36. IDL GmbH

    Cork stopper, H.XO./XU.D./MM 27X28X24 conical, 100 pcs.

    SKU: ID2400111240
    In Stock
  37. Macherey-Nagel

    SR N11-H, bl, PTFEr/Sil w/PTFEr, 45° 1.0

    SKU: MN702718.1
    In Stock
  38. Altmann Analytik

    ND9 PP Short Thread Cap, blue, 1,0mm, Silicone white/PTFE blue, 1000/pac

    Regular Price: €361.94

    Special Price €253.36

    SKU: AAV20261980
    In Stock
  39. Kautex

    Dropper closure/PE-LD, natural colored for bottles 100 ml

    SKU: KA2000075991
    In Stock
  40. IDL GmbH

    Cork ring diam. outer/inner 110x60mm, 100 pcs.

    SKU: ID2400201100
    In Stock
  41. Agilent Technologies

    Cap, crimp, silver aluminum, 11 mm, PTFE/silicone/PTFE septa

    SKU: AG5181-1211
    In Stock
  42. Macherey-Nagel

    CC N8-H si, PTFEr/Sil w/PTFEr, 40°, 1.0

    SKU: MN702878
    In Stock
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Choice of the appropriate closure depending on the type of bottle

Depending on the type of bottle used, the appropriate closure must be selected:

  • Screw caps: Open (for use with various septa) or closed (for sample storage)
  • Short thread caps: Open (for septa use) or closed (for sample storage)
  • UltraBond screw caps: For ND9 and ND24; The caps and septums are inextricably linked.
  • Flanging caps: With the septum ready assembled
  • Headspace caps: Safety caps for headspace analyzes with a predetermined breaking line, in order to avoid bursting of the bottle if the internal pressure is too high.
  • Snap-on caps: Hard or soft polyethylene; Only open (for use of septa)
  • The short thread and crimp caps are also available in magnetic design for the respective car samplers (e.g., CTC).

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Fluorine-free septa and PP vials for PFAS analysis

Fluorine-free septa are ideal for PFAS analysis or the analysis of fluorinated / halogenated organic compounds. Macherey-Nagel caps and septa suitable for PFAS analysis are made of PP or PE. They feature a polyimide coating instead of a PTFE lamination as a chemical resistant barrier on the silicone carrier material. This prevents the migration of fluorine into the sample. The silicone carrier material is of high analytical purity and easy to penetrate. In the snap ring closure, the septum is mounted in a soft snap ring cap which can be easily pressed onto the bottle or removed.

Also, for PFAS analysis vials made of polypropylene should be used: The adsorption effects are lower with plastic bottles than with glass bottles or even silanized glass bottles.