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At Analytics-Shop.com you can choose from a great selection of high quality accessories for vials and caps. Here you find e.g. storage boxes, vial racks, vial holders and hanging devices. You can also use advanced search to find the wanted product. If any questions occur, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Accessories for Vials and Caps

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  1. Altmann Analytik

    Seal (LC-20AT) for Shimadzu

    Regular Price: €75.00

    Special Price €72.75

    SKU: 228-35145ASP
    In Stock
  2. Altmann Analytik

    PP vialholder, for 1,5ml vial, w/sidelabel

    SKU: AAV23323298
  3. Agilent Technologies

    Test Tubes, 16 x 48 mm, 100 pcs.

    SKU: AG5022-6533
  4. PerkinElmer

    Vial Holder Rack, Capacity of 36 20 mm Vials

    SKU: PEN9301304
  5. Altmann Analytik

    Hanging device with balancer

    SKU: AAV11111231
  6. Altmann Analytik

    Stand with Foot Switch for Pneumatic Basic Crimping Tool

    SKU: AAV11113009
  7. Altmann Analytik

    vialholder Acryl 50 holes. á 12mm diameter

    SKU: AAV23322112
  8. Altmann Analytik

    vialholder Acryl w/ 40 holes. á 15,1mm diameter

    SKU: AAV26322775
  9. Altmann Analytik

    Spring for Micro-Insert 16201390, 36 x 5mm, 10x100/pac

    SKU: AAV16241537
  10. Altmann Analytik

    Decapper Head for 8mm decapper

    SKU: AAV19181264
  11. Altmann Analytik

    Decapper head for 11mm decapper

    SKU: AAV22181218
  12. Altmann Analytik

    decapping head for 13mm decappers

    SKU: AAV24181265
  13. Altmann Analytik

    20mm crimp cap removal tool

    SKU: AAV31181266
  14. Altmann Analytik

    Spring, 50x7,5mm for Micro-Insert (51201257), 10x100/pac

    SKU: AAV61241258
  15. Waters

    Labeled Cap Mat Roller, Plastic

    SKU: WT186002633
  16. Waters

    Teflon capillary fitting, 5/PK

    SKU: WT186002690
  17. Waters

    Mailing Box for 22ml Vial, 100/PK

    SKU: WT186004111
  18. Macherey-Nagel

    50 position pp vial rack for all vials 11.6 x 32 mm

    SKU: MN702502
  19. Altmann Analytik

    28mm Decapping Head

    SKU: AAV39181267
  20. Altmann Analytik


    SKU: AAV71291-VT611
  21. Altmann Analytik


    SKU: AAV71291-VT612
  22. Altmann Analytik


    SKU: AAV71291-VT613
  23. Altmann Analytik

    Sealing Tape, clear, PE/silicone, -40°C - 90°C, 100/pck

    SKU: AAV19404056
  24. Altmann Analytik

    Sealing Tape, clear, PES/silicone, -70°C - 100°C, 100/pck

    SKU: AAV19404057
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