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GC Column TG-200MS, 30m, 0.53mm, 1µmm

GC Column TG-200MS, 30m, 0.53mm, 1µmm

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Thermo Fisher

GC Column TG-200MS, 30m, 0.53mm, 1µmm

Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific
item no.: TF26084-2980

PAK (1 pc)


GC Column TG-200MS, 30m, 0.53mm, 1µmm, Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Column Description: TraceGold TG-200, Inner Diameter: 0.53mm, Length: 30m, Film: 1_m, USP Number: G6, Category: Thermo Scientific GC Columns

Additional Information

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific
column description TraceGold TG-200
packing Trifluoropropyl Methylpolysiloxane
category GC columns
length 30 m
inner diameter 0.53 mm
USP number G6
Film thickness 1 μm
max. operating temperature up to 320/340

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