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measuring  strips 71°...110° C 10 measuring  points/pak

measuring strips 71°...110° C 10 measuring points/pak

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measuring strips 71°...110° C 10 measuring points/pak

Manufacturer: Testo
item no.: TS06460916

PAK (1 pc)


Self-adhesive temperature measuring strips, color change if the limit value is exceeded within 2 to 3 secondsThe testoterm temperature measuring strips are self-adhesive, temperature-sensitive foils that react to certain temperature transgressions with color changes. They are optimally suited for the temperature monitoring of products and processes in which a specific temperature should not be exceeded, e.g. for moving or small objects such as circuit boards, for long-term monitoring during storage and transport, in the laboratory, in automotive engineering or in the aerospace industry. The temperature measuring strips in use The temperature measuring strips are supplied in a booklet of 10 pieces each. Just like stickers, they can be easily removed from the booklet and glued onto the object to be measured. The temperature gauge shows a temperature scale from +37 ° C to +65 ° C, divided into white boxes. As soon as a certain temperature point is exceeded, the temperature measuring strip in the relevant box will be colored within 2 to 3 seconds. The readable temperature steps are as follows: 37 °, 40 °, 43 °, 46 °, 49 °, 54 °, 60 ° and 65 ° C. The coloration is irreversible: once the temperature is exceeded, the temperature measuring strip does not discolour, too when the temperature drops again. This allows critical temperature fluctuations even after a long time, eg. B. read in warehouses and transports.
Storage in the refrigerator recommended. The maximum transport temperature is +25 ° C and must not be exceeded. Shelf life max. 9 months. Temperature range +37 to +65 ° C
Larger quantities (roll of 1000 pcs.) On request

Additional Information

Manufacturer Testo
type Measuring Strips
VGKL Number 1009409160

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