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HPLC Column Lichrospher 100Å Si 5µm 75x3mm

HPLC Column Lichrospher 100Å Si 5µm 75x3mm

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Altmann Analytik

HPLC Column Lichrospher 100Å Si 5µm 75x3mm

Manufacturer: Altmann Analytik
item no.: AANLI1S-507530

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LiChrospher® Si 100 is a versatile HPLC sorbent that offers optimal polar properties for normal-phase separations. It is based on spherical silica particles with a pore diameter of 100 Å, and a particle size of 5 µm or 10 µm. LiChrospher® Si 100 sorbents is packed into Hibar® RT columns or LiChroCART® HPLC cartridge columns.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Altmann Analytik
pore size 100 Å
particle size 5.0 µm
inner diameter 3 mm
length 75 mm
packing Silica
column description LiChrospher
category Altmann Analytik HPLC columns
USP number L3
modus Normal Phase (NP)

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