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The reference materials allow the user to better evaluate and benchmark their chromatography system before the analysis of critical material. These particular suitability standards are specially formulated mixtures including a void marker peak, a set of neutrals, or a combination of neutral, acidic and basic compounds. The compounds were vigorously evaluated and chosen because they provide the excellent benchmark, good peak shape in UV and are acceptable for use on a variety of columns. With these qualitative tools system readiness can be assessed on a regular basis. The health of the system can be monitored and the user can feel more confident about real sample results and lot-to-lot reproducibility. 

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LC Reference Materials

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  1. Agilent Technologies

    ESI-L Low Concentration Tuning Mix 100ml

    sku: AGG1969-85000
  2. Waters

    ACQUITY APC Polystyrene Low MW Calibration Kit

    sku: WT186007539
  3. Waters

    LC Multiresidue Pesticide Standards Kit

    sku: WT186007574
  4. Waters

    Xevo TQ-S micro Installation Standards Kit

    sku: WT186007591
  5. Waters

    UPC2 QC Reference Material

    sku: WT186007950
  6. Waters

    HIC Protein Standard Mix

    sku: WT186007953
  7. Waters

    Big-4 Calibration Stock Standard

    sku: WT186007980
  8. Waters

    Modular Heat Block for 1 ml Tubes

    sku: WT186007985
  9. Waters

    Vacuum Manifold Shims

    sku: WT186007986
  10. Waters

    Positive Pressure Manifold Spacer

    sku: WT186007987
  11. Waters

    Triethylamine 100ml

    sku: WT100000110
  12. Waters

    MassPrep Enolase Digestion Standard

    sku: WT186002325
  13. Waters

    MassPrep Phosphorylase b Standard

    sku: WT186002326
  14. Waters

    MassPrep Bovine Hemoglobin Standard

    sku: WT186002327
  15. Waters

    MassPrep Digestion Standard Kit

    sku: WT186002330
  16. Waters

    MassPrep Peptide Mixture

    sku: WT186002337
  17. Waters

    MassPrep Peptide Mixture 5 Pack

    sku: WT186002338
  18. Waters

    MassPrep Digestion Standard Mix 1

    sku: WT186002865
  19. Waters

    MassPrep Digestion Standard Mix 2

    sku: WT186002866
  20. Waters

    MassPREP EColi Digest Standard

    sku: WT186003196
  21. Waters

    MassPREP Phosphopeptide Standard Enolase

    sku: WT186003285
  22. Waters

    AccQ•Tag Ultra Chemistry Kit

    sku: WT186003836
  23. Waters

    AccQ•Tag Ultra Eluent A

    sku: WT186003838
  24. Waters

    AccQ•Tag Ultra Eluent B

    sku: WT186003839
  25. Waters

    Soft Drink Analysis SF36 Kit

    sku: WT186003856
  26. Waters

    MassPREP Enhancer (5 vials)

    sku: WT186003863
  27. Waters

    MassPREP Phosphopeptide Enrichment Kit

    sku: WT186003864
  28. Waters

    MassPREP OST Standard

    sku: WT186004135
  29. Waters

    MassPREP Protein Standard Mix

    sku: WT186004900
  30. Waters

    Beverage Analysis Mobile Phase Reagent

    sku: WT186006006
  31. Waters

    Beverage Analysis Wash Reagent

    sku: WT186006007
  32. Waters

    Beverage Analysis 5 Standard Solution

    sku: WT186006008
  33. Waters

    Beverage Analysis Standart Solid, 50 mg

    sku: WT186006010
  34. Waters

    Hi3 Phos B Standard

    sku: WT186006011
  35. Waters

    Hi3 EColi Standard

    sku: WT186006012
  36. Waters

    20 Component Screening Standard

    sku: WT186006348
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LC-MS Reagents by Waters

Waters Neutrals Quality Control Reference Material (QCRM) is a mixture of three neutral compounds that are an ideal system reference standard. Due to the use of neutral compounds the QCRM is unaffected by mobile phase pH and compatible with buffered and non-buffered mobile phases at both high and low pH. This makes Waters QCRM universally applicable on many different HPLC and UHPLC systems with different column chemistries and different mobile phases. By using the reference to benchmark system performance, data integrity can be monitored and assured. QC Reference Materials are available for Neutrals, Reversed-Phase and LCMS as well as a Preparative Chromatography Standard.