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Chromatography Supply - Our Core Competence

Being a leader in chromatography supply for over 30 years now, Analytics Shop covers the whole range of chromatography products needed in modern laboratories.

Our extensive range of products offers a variety of HPLC and GC columns that meet all separation needs, including improved resolution, enhanced sensitivity, faster analysis and consistent performance. Analytics Shop HPLC Column Configurator and GC Column Configurator recommend the most appropriate column depending on the application requirements you need to consider as  well as the column characteristics and manufacturer you are looking for. Here you can find columns for liquid or gas chromatography by Agilent, SGE, Vici and other world-leading manufacturers. All chromatography columns meet stringent specifications to ensure excellent performance and high quality.

We supply a wide range of  chromatography supplies and spare parts for chromatography. If you have any questions about our chromatography products, please contact our experts team for a professional advice.

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